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 As one our founding principles, Grit Cycle strives to have INTEGRITY permeate every decision we make.

 When Matt and Marisa came together with their vision for Grit Cycle, "INTEGRITY" punctuated almost every conversation for their mission. One of our shop's first designs was the inteGRITy t-shirt.

As Grit Cycle is growing, evolving, and moving forward into the next generation of Grit Studios {Long Beach}, we think it's important to reintroduce that founding principle of Integrity; in a season of change, albeit positive, it's always important to return to the heart of what built you and grounds you.


We asked our staff how they define "INTEGRITY"; as always they didn't let us down:

"Integrity and being genuine go hand in hand; nothing's more attractive than a genuine human. In all you do stay true and authentic. And surround yourself with the same type ."- Steph Castro-Woods


"InteGRITy is HUGE for me!  At the end of the day, this means that I walk the walk and talk the talk. I'm motivating people all day to live their best lives...mentally and physically.  If you see me in the wild, you are going to find me practicing what I preach."   -Cassie Piasecki

"My definition of Integrity is being true to yourself.  Holding tight, my morals and values of life and never compromising what I truly believe, or myself, just to fit in.  Living an honest life breeds true authenticity." 

-Jessica Ginsberg

{pictured here with her mother who she says raised her "to have integrity and self-worth."}

"To me, integrity means being genuine with your words and actions. Integrity also means treating others with respect as well as demanding the respect you deserve and not allowing others to treat you poorly or being a doormat. It goes both ways. It all comes back to the golden rule by doing unto others…."