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A Day in the Life of Costa Mesa Instructor of the Month: Kaitlin Honeycutt

For the month of March we’re bringing back one of THE best!
Ladies and Gentlemen, for 31, beautiful, soulful days, you get Kaitlin Honeycutt as your Costa Mesa Instructor of the Month.
Never one to disappoint us with her fabulous interviews and q +a’s, Kaitlin generously agreed to supply The Outpost with an intimate and thorough glimpse into a day in her inspirational and non-stop life.
Just like those 7am classes of hers, her day is non-stop action, grind, HEART and SOUL!
She is pure love and authenticity.
Let’s go for a ride:

A day in the life of Kaitlin Honeycutt

I often get a lot of “I don’t know how you do it’s”, or when people ask my what I do it seems as though I have to pick their jaw up off the floor. To be honest, I am not really sure how I “do it” all either, but here’s a little insight into how it’s done.

My days are pretty consistent which enables me to have some sort of balance, whatever that is, and I wasn’t sure which day to let you all in on, but I picked Wednesday. Why? Because Wednesday is one of my favorite days (#humpday) and it means that Friday is just two sleeps and a wake up away.


Alarm 1. Imagine a very soft alarm that makes you smile as you get out of bed as opposed to a car alarm waking you up in a sheer panic. *HITS SNOOZE BUTTON*

5:53 AM

Alarm 2. Same alarm goes off. Snooze is programmed in my phone to be 8 minutes long. *HITS SNOOZE BUTTON AGAIN*

5:59-6:10 AM

Alarm 3. Turns alarm off. I quite literally roll over the side of my bed to get my computer that has been charging all night on the floor. Open it up and cruise through the playlist I made the night before, make any edits, throw this song here, change this song there and bomb.com there it is.



Make the attempt to actually get out of bed. Snuggle the dog for a good 2 or 3 more minutes. Get up. Go brush the teeth. Put on my lululemon (forever&always). Grab my computer, mic, spin shoes, snapback, sweatshirt, water bottle, backpack. Kiss the pup goodbye, rush through the house to find the car keys I lost the night before.


Head out the door. (Seat belt – safety first then teamwork). I blast the playlist that is about to blow up the Saddle Room to get me pumped up on the drive over to Grit, where all the magic happens.



Arrive at Grit Cycle – “Good mornings”, high fives, the biggest hugs from the best of friends are what start my day, and how could I not be in the best mood ever when that is how the day greets me???

Chats with the Gritty Babes tell me who’s called into cancel, who’s on the waitlist, who’s no showing, and decisions about “who’s-to-slay-it-up-on-the-podium” are made.


Listen to my playlist one more time, go over any moves on my bike, chat with Allie about how her class was, new songs she likes, chat with the Gritty Babes about how they are doing. We are like a tiny little family so I try to get in asking how they are doing and what’s going on with them whenever I can.


Time for the show to start. I turn on the pregame music and wait for the peeps to pile in. Grab 4-7 mints and eat all of them (Hard to say why I do this, it’s become more of a routine than me worrying about having morning breath).



Lights go down and the music goes up. *INSERT THE BEST 45 MINUTES OF YOUR LIFE HERE*


Lights go up and the music goes down. Grit class for the day is over and I try to talk to as many of the riders as I can, ask how they did and how they felt, ask what songs they liked, and when they are coming back. The riders always leave super sweaty and ready to take on their days. Job here is done.



Walk into Starbucks and get my usual – they know my order there which is pretty darn cool (Venti Cold Brew with sugar-free vanilla and almond milk, for any of you that would like to buy me coffee in the future).


Arrive back at home. It is usually a struggle to get Zoey (the pup) out of bed to go outside so I have to bribe her with kisses and belly rubs. Rinse off, sweats on, back in bed. Netflix, coffee and chill. Sometimes this can be dangerous because my bed is like dumb comfy and I fall back asleep but my hunger usually far outweighs how tired I am so I get up and make breakfast. I am a huge fan of the kitchen and I’ve been on a protein pancake kick (Progenex just came out with their own protein pancake called Haute Cakes and if you haven’t tried it yet, you can bring the coffee and I’ll make the pancakes). I cook up some bacon and put that in the batter, put the batter on the skillet, drop an egg in the pancake, let it cook, flip it over, let it cook and there you have it – breakfast pancake. I’ll probably run into one of my roommates here in the kitchen, this is a common place for morning chats and they will usually join me for a pancake or five.


Make sure I have all the things for the rest of the day – lululemon, lunch, snacks, shoes, backpack, snacks, protein, snacks, sweatpants, phone, charger, snacks. Kiss Zoey goodbye, and hop in the car. Off to Phoenix Multisport to finish out the day.



Arrive at Phoenix Multisport and open up the gym. For those of you that don’t know, Phoenix Multisport is a non-profit, donation based gym that offers a free membership to anyone that has 48 hours or more of sobriety. 11 a.m is when open gym starts and when treatment centers typically come in to work out. By 11:15 the gym is filled with peeps that are recovering and staying sober one day at a time. I throw up my hair, put on my Metcons, write a workout up on the board that my coach Owen sends to me and get to work. A few of us here at the gym are in training for the Crossfit Open that starts February 23rd so we have been working really hard these last few months to be ready. I work out with the people who come in from the treatment centers and offer support to them in any way I can – show them how to lift properly, write them a workout, give them a spot if they need it, mild supervision so they don’t hurt themselves.



Open gym is over and I am probably laying on the floor hanging on for dear life after just having finished what was probably the worst (best) workout ever. Wednesdays are usually heavy days so I am most likely pretty beat.


Shake time. I’ve tried a few different brands of protein over my athletic career and once I found Progenex I haven’t used anything else. Peanut Butter Smash all day. Talk about the workout with the buddies I did it with, what we could have done better, what we did well, changes we would/will make for next time. What I love most about Phoenix Multisport and Crossfit in general is the camaraderie and the support we all give to each other. Just like at Grit, Phoenix is like my tiny little family, and we motivate and empower each other through everything. And it comes in especially when you need that extra encouragement snatching 125 lbs over your head.


Time to clean it all up. Since I work at a non-profit organization it is up to me and the peeps I work with to keep the place super clean and legit af. So we spend a lot of our time making sure the gym is taken care of – we sweep, mop and vacuum the floor s and bathrooms (which, let me tell you, is a work out in and of itself). We organize the weights, wipe down the machines, all the things. When I first started working here, I mopped for the first time by myself and poured half of the liquid soap into the mop bucket and then I turned the whole floor white with bubbles. I mean, I never said I was good at cleaning, I just said I would do it. I became the sweeper and vacuum’er after that.



Treatment centers come in for open gym time, and I am busy working on things for Phoenix – coming up with fundraiser ideas, reading emails, all the busy things. If I am not doing that, I am either writing the progamming for the Crossfit class that night, Compexing sore muscles, watching footage from the Crossfit games and taking notes on how they hell they are doing muscle ups (I am working so hard on these right now, any tips would be much appreciated), or eating lunch (I have been known to forget my lunch  at home even though it was packed and in my refrigerator and go to Sprouts and grab a rotisserie chicken and eat that, no shame whatsoever).



Team members start heading in for our community Crossfit class. I write the workout on the white board and they slowly surround it with hesitation. Head nods and half smiles come over them and they start to stretch, sign in, high-five and hug each other as their friends walk in. Conversations start about their days, their workouts, the WOD that is about to run them over like a metaphorical truck.


I coach the Crossfit classes that are on Mondays and Wednesdays. Class starts. Music up, weights heavy, motivationon.


Class is usually over and the team members are usually lying on the ground, covered in sweat (read back to section 11:30-1 p.m., similar to how I feel after a workout). Once they start regaining their strength and ability to walk, they go for a light walk outside, come back in and camaraderie, conversation and encouragement fills the room. Announcements for events happening later on in the week take place and any social even that might be happening over the weekend is discussed – potlucks, run club, and snow days at Big Bear are a common occurrence. Then it’s time to go home kids, locking up for the evening.


Depending on how I am feeling (more so on how hungry I am), I either head home or go to a meeting. I am an active member of Alcoholics Anonymous and one of my home groups is on Wednesday nights. So I will either attend that, or go home. My bed often wins the #snugglestruggle so I make sure to get to another meeting later in the week. I make myself dinner, jump in the shower, give belly scratches to the kiddo (or any of the 4 animals that live in the house – 4 humans, 3 dogs and 1 one-eyed cat), hang at the kitchen table with my roommates and talk shit or get in bed. Again my bed often wins because it is so damn comfy but I try to be somewhat social when I am at home before I go to my nest for the evening.


Teeth brushed. In bed. Sweatpants on. Netflix on – I have been watching American Horror Story and I do my best to try to stay awake and watch it but if it gets too scary I have to turn it off. I am watching Freakshow right now and that clowns mf face is absolutely terrifying.


Somehow I am still up and it is 11:30 and I have to be up to teach tomorrow at 5:45 a.m. Alarm on. Zoey underneath the covers. Lights off.

I read a meme from Instagram the other day that seemed to sum up my life in one post, “I can’t cry about having a lot on my plate when my goal was to eat”. I actively prayed and worked for everything I have in my life today, and as exhausting as it is at times, it is more beautiful and full and sweaty then anything I could have ever imagined for myself.


So that’s how it’s done my friends. Adequate amounts of sleep, food, exercise, the best of jobs, and the best of friends. No day is the same and every day isn’t perfect – I am often so physically tired I can’t keep my eyes open, so hangry from not eating enough food that I have road rage, and so sweaty from workouts that it looks like I live in my car because I have so many changes of clothes in there. I wouldn’t trade my life for anything – for more sleep, more time or even home-delivered meal prep food (but that would be nice).

Honeycutt you are one in a million. Thank you so much for taking us on your inspiring and uplifting day.

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See you in the Saddle Room friends.