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A Grit Story: Heather Bonnani

All of you who come ride with us are family to us, our “gritties” as we affectionately call you; we know that each of you have a glorious story that deserves to be told and sometimes we’re fortunate enough to share it.

Today we are thrilled to offer our first Monarch Beach studio “Grit Story” with Heather Bonnani.

 Heather is a Saddle Room favorite who embodies everything Grit offers: enthusiasm, joy,

Instructor Cassie says it best: I first met Heather about a month after we opened.  She thought she was hiding out in back!  I would talk to her for a bit before each class and got to know her.  Things like “off-road racer” would come up.  I knew she was a dynamo!  In just the short time that we’ve been open, I’ve watched her get stronger both mentally and physically.  She totally gets that GRIT is more than a workout for the body.  I always get excited when I see her face walk through the doors.

Here is Heather’s Grit Story:

I currently live in Laguna Niguel where I work from home as an Esthetician so my schedule allows me to try all the different instructors! I am married and have 4 adult children. Only one still at home until the Fall, wooooo whooooo! (Just kidding Kalani) We also have two fur babies, Charlie a Golden Retriever and Koda a Maltipoo. I’d love to add chickens and goats to the list of pets but that’s where my hubs puts his foot down. In my spare time I race cars. 

What brought you to Grit Cycle?

A friend from the Costa Mesa studio {Gary Williams Jr.} kept telling me I HAD to try a class. Trust me, he kept saying….you’ll love it. Me loving it is an understatement. I only miss a class when I am out-of-town!

 Do you remember your first class at Grit? What was that like? 

My first class was an intro with Marisa. I was like, “What the F is this??!!! Motorcycle??? HUH??? I couldn’t even ride out of the saddle for the bounce! BUT, she was so encouraging I knew I had to come back.

What about Grit kept you coming back?

The instructors… their words after weights really spoke to me. Everyday I went I was up a little longer so I was getting excited to do better in the next class.

 Describe how your life has been affected by your time spent at Grit.

Physically I am definitely stronger. I’ve actually lost 15 lbs since I started in January. It would probably be more but I do love my vino! Mentally it helps to believe more in myself, which also falls into the emotional part too… I am really trying to make more time for me this year and Grit has really helped me accomplish that.

Have other people in your life noticed these changes? What are their thoughts?

Everybody has noticed the weight loss. I actually came home from a weekend of seeing people I hadn’t seen in a year and all they kept saying was “Wow! You really look great!” It felt good to hear but after so many of them said it I thought to myself, “Damn, I must have been freaking way out of shape!”

 What advice would you give to a first-timer coming to Grit, who’s a little unsure about the whole experience?

STICK WITH IT!!!! You’ll get it and when you do it’s such an amazing feeling!!!

 Do you have a class or ride that has been your most memorable or favorite?

The first time all my Crossfit girls came to Matt’s class. They were hooked so now Girl’s Night out has a whole new meaning! Wait until they take Dani’s class now that she is at Monarch Beach!!!

What is your favorite song to ride to and why?

 I love music and really pay attention to the lyrics. I never really have a favorite, it just depends what is speaking to me that day. Although when I hear “Bend Ova” after motorcycles, I do cringe a little! 

What was your “aha” moment, experience, ride, situation where you realized Grit was more than a spin class for you?

One day I was walking out to my car after really “getting” a lot of the moves. I was in such a great mood not only because of that but also from Lisa’s inspirational talk after weights. That’s when I knew this was more than just a workout for me. It was good for my soul.

You are GREAT for GRIT’S soul Heather, thank you so much for sharing your Grit Story with us, and for spreading the love