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CBD for your Stocking Stuffing Needs

It’s that time of year! Gift giving is its own Olympic sport. The malls are crowded and your Amazon Prime account gets a daily hit as you knock off your holiday present list. But one set of gifts that seem to always get left to the last minute are your Stocking Stuffers.

People have a love/hate relationship with Stocking Stuffers; they either love the thrill of hunting down the perfect-sized, appropriately priced present that’s neither too extravagant nor too crass for their loved ones, or they loathe the work required and put it off to the last minute, giving in to the convenience aisle, and cramming said stocking with bags full of Peanut M & M’s galore at the 11th hour.

We at GritCycle have you covered for all of your Stocking Stuffer needs. If you let GritCycle handle your Stocking, not only will you be on trend but you also will be giving your recipient the gift of health in their stocking.

What better way to say “Happy Holidays” than with a CBD infused stocking. CBD is here to stay and we at GritCycle have a few different items to introduce you to its many benefits. CBD {short for cannibidiol} is a non-intoxicating marijuana extract used to treat a myriad of health issues: anxiety, pain, depression, inflammation, seizures, insomnia, the list goes on…Legal here in California, CBD oil is a non-psycho-active and is used in many wellness products; many wellness products which we actually carry in our GritCycle shop. Here are a few of our favorite CBD products we love and are giving as Stocking Stuffers:

One of GritCycle’s biggest sellers is our Lord Jones pure CBD gumdrops. We can barely keep these in stock, they are so popular. Hand-made, in small batches, Lord Jones pure CBD gumdrops contain 20 mg of CBD, each providing a sense of calm and relaxation. These gorgeous boxes fit perfectly in a loved one’s stocking.

Have someone with achy muscles or chronic pain? We have just the remedy! Elixicure Pain Relief Roll-On is a favorite with our entire GritCycle staff. Used for muscle pain, muscle strain, arthritis, tendonitis, backaches, bruises, and cramps, Elixicure is a scientifically proven, plant-based {CBD} pain reliever. All-natural and non-addictive, Elixicure instantly alleviates pain with its nano-technology for better absorption. It’s also “time-released” for a maximum pain relief. These Elixicure Roll-Ons make for a very merry Christmas stocking.

Lastly, next week at our Costa Mesa {12/19} and Long Beach {12/22} studios, we will be holding a pop-up shop with Fusion Wellness, a locally based company making bath and body products from CBD.  Fusion Wellness will be showcasing and selling their Synergy Packs featuring “intentionally combined 50mg CBD, Neroli & Frankincense essential oil Bath Bombs adorned with cornflower petals, and their 10mg CBD, Clary Sage, & Lavender essential oil Pink Himalayan + Dead Sea Salt drizzled with lavender petals.” According to Chanel, the creator of Fusion Wellness, the intention of these synergistic products is to: “promote an environment of healing on a mind-body-spirit level.” Chanel goes on to promise: “The products would make an amazing stocking stuffer by their awesome size, beauty, care, charisma, and the smell will you bring you to your own place of resonation.” 

So look no further than GritCycle for your Stocking Stuffing needs; we have you covered with just one stop! And you can even get a great workout in while you’re at it.

Season’s Greetings to you Gritties!