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Celebrations in the Saddle Room


At GritCycle, we LOVE celebrating life’s big and small moments with a sweat-date! If you’re planning to celebrate with us, please review our list of Dos and Don’ts for hosting celebrations in the Saddle Room. The instructor will be your main point of contact in planning a celebration, but feel free to reach out to a studio manager if you have further questions!




  • Tell the instructor you’d like to ride with at least 1 week prior to the event. We need to make sure we’re properly staffed if we have a lot of new clients!
  • If you’d like to book 30 days in advance, please purchase the Premium Pass!
  • Be inclusive! Even though you’re celebrating a special friend, our community should feel welcome to participate in the festivities.
  • Bring decorations/treats/drinks for the lobby. Be ready to share with ALL riders!




  • Bring fanfare in the Saddle Room. This includes but is not limited to balloons, streamers, candles, lights, confetti, glow sticks, or decor of any kind. Decor stays in the lobby!
  • Linger in the Saddle Room after class. We need extra time on event days to clean the room and turn it over for the next class! Once the class is over, quickly move to the lobby/event space in your studio for pictures.
  • Take photos in the Saddle Room. Group shots should be taken out in the lobby or event space at the studio.
  • Leave a mess! If you bring decorations, treats and/or beverages to the studio, please take them with you when you leave.



Can’t wait to celebrate! Cheers to good health!