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GritCycle Huntington Beach is now a Certified Sustainable Green Business!

We are excited to announce that GritCycle’s Huntington Beach studio is now a Certified Sustainable Green Business

“We didn’t realize that making a few simple changes in the way that we do business behind the scenes could make such an impact on the environment”, says GritCycle’s co-founder, Marisa Wayne. “People naturally turn to recycling, using less plastic, and switching lightbulbs as areas where they think they can make an impact, and we do that. In working with the City of Huntington Beach and Antonia Graham, the Assistant to the City Manager, we learned that an even bigger impact could be made by switching to recycled paper products, rechargeable batteries, and environmentally safer cleaning products that we use in the studios.”  We’ve implemented these changes and many more across all of our studios and we are actively looking for more ways to reduce waste, save energy, and keep our planet green.


As a GritCycle Rider, you can do your part, too!  Here are a few easy tips that you can implement today:

• Bring your own water bottle and fill’em up at the water station.

• Reuse the GritCycle sweaty clothes bags!  Stick it back in your gym bag and fill it with tomorrow’s clothes or take it on your next dog walk.

•  When showering at the studio, take the quickest shower possible.  Not only will you save water, but the person waiting to shower after you will also be so happy. (Bonus points if you only use one towel!)

• Ride your bike TO class.  We know!  Crazy idea but it helps. Carpooling with a friend is a green option, too.


Thanks to the City of Huntington Beach for all of their help getting us certified and thank you, GritCycle Riders, for doing your part to help us with this initiative.