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A Grit Story: Danielle Moson


If you’ve ridden at GritCycle at any point over the last couple of years, there is a very good chance you’ve shared the Saddle Room with rockstar Danielle Moson. From the podium to her professional life, this girl gives it her all 100% of the time. Since we find her so inspiring, we just knew she’d inspire the rest of our community too! We sat her down for a little Q&A, so check it out:


So, tell us about yourself!
My name is Danielle Moson and I’m a sports fanatic with a serious sushi addiction. I’m an Orange County native who grew up playing every sport imaginable before going on to play college soccer at San Diego State. You could say I stuck to what I knew – now spending my days working with some of the most elite athletes in the world at an NFL player representation agency called Athletes First. My family would say I’m the most competitive person they know never backing down from a challenge and always looking to prove people wrong.



What was your first experience at GritCycle like?
I found Grit about two years ago through Class Pass. I will never forget my first class… trying to figure out my bike, how to clip in, how to conserve enough water to make it through weights, and how the hell to bike to the beat. I was a complete disaster. Not to sound ridiculous, but growing up – anything athletic came fairly easy. I had finally met my match. Those who know me well know that I hate doing things I’m not good at – but this was different. I was terrible, but I had this desire to go back, and then go back again, and again. I was determined to NOT be terrible.



How long have you been riding at GritCycle?
I’ve been riding at Grit for about two years.


How has Grit affected your life outside of the Saddle Room?
It’s difficult to find the words to explain exactly how Grit has changed my life. I’m confident that I’ve never left a class at Grit in a bad mood. Grit has the ability to change attitudes, days and even weeks. No matter what you may be going through internally – when the lights go off and the music starts everything is put on pause. Grit has given me sanity in my everyday life by allowing my brain to completely shut off for 45 minutes and focus on nothing by myself. This 45 minutes of therapy has made me a healthier and happier person who I’m proud of.



What is your favorite time of day to get Gritty?
There is something special about Monday and Wednesday nights at 5:30 with Matt. Every single person in that room is there to push each other to get better. Everyone checks their ego at the door and for 45 minutes, we’re all equal. There is no hierarchy, there is no “popular crowd” or politics, there is just a room full of men and women ready to have some fun and work their asses off. We pick each other up when you can’t think you can possibly make it the entire sprint and we push each other’s limits to go just a little faster or a little longer during that last song.


What is your favorite move on the bike?
Everyone will think I’ve literally lost my mind but my favorite move is a motorcycle and my favorite song is Bend Ova. Yes – I said it. This is going to sound insane, but to me, there is no better feeling than pushing your body to the limit and feeling like you’re either about to black out or pass out from exceeding your own expectations of what you thought your limits were.



What is your best memory at GritCycle?
My best memory at Grit was probably the first time Matt let me ride his podium. Yes, it’s my best memory, but I actually hated it. I was overthinking the entire class. Which foot was I suppose to be on? When he said right I had to constantly remind myself that really means left. Why are these lights so damn bright? And most importantly, where in the world are the fans? I remember thinking, “Oh shit, I need to hold my weights up the entire song?” And when Matt says turn up the resistance – I guess I needed to do that too. What in the world did I get myself into? But I made it through (likely with a few hiccups) and once again proved that I’m capable of more than I give myself credit for. That’s why I love Grit – it’s a constant reminder that you’re stronger than you think and always capable of just a little more.


Danielle, you truly are GRIT personified. We can’t wait to see you in the Saddle Room!