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The GritCycle Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) Team is made up of representatives from the employee staff, two senior executives from headquarters, and representatives from the Grit rider community. The D&I Team, as well as all Grit employees, will have guidance and ongoing training from Vikita Poindexter with the Poindexter Consulting Firm. They act on behalf of the company to jumpstart and manage all inclusion initiatives. The D&I Team works closely with company leadership to ensure tight alignment with the organization’s overall business strategy and goals. This group helps create and promote company-wide communication on D&I progress and integrates diversity with the company’s mission, core values, and operations. Diversity teams are a critical driver in fostering the culture we are creating.

Inga Benebo

D&I Team Member

Andrew Vo

D&I Team Member

Vikita Poindexter

D&I Team Consultant

Marcus Tomlin

D&I Team Member

Alijah Farrow

D&I Team Member

Dani Wellbrock

D&I Team Member