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Dogs of Grit

If you visited Grit enough it’s no secret we LOVE our four-legged family members. There isn’t a day that passes where our deck isn’t adorned with Orange County’s most adorable pups.

We love these beasts just as much as their owners, and thought we’d bring some of their stories to you.

We are happy to introduce to you our newest series: “Dogs of Grit“: a glimpse into some of the canine lives that come to Grit Cycle.

We begin with two of our favorite pups, “Baby” and “Marley” from one of our MOST favorite Gritty Babes, Marisa Affeldt.

More teddy bear, than dog, Marisa has been bringing this charming “stuffed animal” looking creature with her to work for more than a year. Our staff just goes bananas when he shows up with his “mom”, and find ourselves baby-talking and cuddling in the corner between shifts.

Here’s what Marisa has to say about her sweet pups:

Tell us about your pups.

I have two “kids.” Both Baby and Marley are party Pomeranians. Yep, that’s what they call em.

I bring only Baby to work because Marley is a tripod. The patio/lobby floor is too slippery for his three, little feets.

How did you and your pups become a family?

I have always LOVED animals, especially dogs. I had a few growing up, but only for short periods of time as we gave away every one we adopted. I don’t blame my parents, I was too young to take full responsibility for a pet and it was just too much for my mom to handle with my dad always gone. One day, I went into a pet store to pet the animals. I saw Baby in a cage with probably ten other puppies. He was in the very back, definitely the runt of the litter. I instantly fell in love with him, I literally cried every time I saw him because I loved him so much.  My mom of course said no {I was 16 at the time} so I visited him whenever I could. I would come visit him on my breaks at work. Probably a month later, my mom came home and said she had a surprise for me. She came around the corner and there he was, in her arms with a red bow around his neck. I still have that bow.

The rest is history.

When was the first time you brought Baby to Grit? What was that like?

I started bringing Baby before I started working at Grit. I used to work at an animal hospital where he was allowed to come to work with me frequently and sit under the desk. I thought he would do great waiting for me at Spin and would love the attention. I made sure the girls at the front desk were ok with it and asked how he was. I even got off the bike mid class to make sure he {and they were ok.} I guess he did well because he was welcome back anytime!

 He still loves it, still prances up the walkway for everyone to ooo and ahh over him and I love being the proud mom. Yep, that unbelievable, too cute for words, fluff ball-walking, teddy bear belongs to me.

What is Baby’s favorite thing about coming to Grit?

Probably being able to see his aunties a.k.a the Gritty Babes and LaLa {Santiago}.

What is your favorite thing about bringing Baby to Grit?

I like that Baby can sit on the patio {or inside the lobby with the girls} and enjoy getting out of the house. I try to go on “outings” with my kids just one on one for more personal attention. I think its good for them, just like human kids, to get out of the house, just them and mom. And I’m a firm believer in Vitamin D helping you’re well being.

I also like bringing him because he helps with my anxiety. Sounds silly because he has a lot of anxiety himself, but a part of me only functions because he’s my co pilot. He’s been my right hand man since I was 17; just looking down at that cute face makes everything ok no matter what.

How do other Gritties respond to Baby?

Oh boy… I can’t tell you how many people have told me “If he goes missing, you will know where to find him.” Or “How do you not just stare at him and love on him all day he’s just too cute?”  No one believes he is ten years old, I hardly can either. Most people want to pick him up, but he unfortunately doesn’t like to be held {myth about little dogs.}

If Baby were to ride in class, what do you think his favorite move would be and why?

Hmm.. I don’t know if Baby would like any double time songs. His little legs are too arthritic for those, but I think he would enjoy a simple travel. Something that requires small but precise movements.. just like him ☺️.

 Tips for others bringing their dogs?

My tip for bringing your fur babies is to think about the atmosphere: “Would your dog do well with lots of people and/or other dogs. Does loud music/noises scare them? Do they “act out” when alone or stressed such as barking, chewing, whining etc.” Us Gritty Babes loveeeeeee dogs and welcome clients to bring them, but we just want to make sure it’s a good fit for them too. My advice is to try it out if you think it could work, let us know who you are, and about your pet; be open to feedback if their visit didn’t go so well. More often than not they will have passed with flying colors!!

 I never imagined I could love something or someone this much. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t fall more and more in love with my boys. I am so glad I can share their cuteness with the world and give other people the same joy they bring me.

 If you want more of these angel’s adorable mugs you can follow Marisa’s adventures with Baby + Marley on Instagram at @pomparty_babyandmarley; all of us at Grit live and die for Marisa’s posts.

Thanks so much for sharing your pups with Grit Marisa! We love YOU and we love Baby and Marley so much!