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Dry Brushing 101

It’s no secret we are a company dedicated to the newest and greatest in the world of health and wellness. We try to stay on trend with what people are doing for themselves in the name of self-care. In the world of detoxification and de-inflammation, we often refer to the ancient and current favorite practice of dry brushing as a tactic for keeping the body and its systems purified and holistic, but we’ve never really explained WHAT “dry brushing” is.

In addition to giving you smoother skin, dry brushing exfoliates, regulates the lymph system, cleans pores, manages/curtails cellulite, and detoxifies the body as a whole. Dry brushing has also been attributed to ridding the body of unwanted toxins, regulating circulation, aiding in digestion and kidney function, and for bringing a sense of vitality to the body.

Amazon and pretty much any health food store and drugstore sells dry brushes; they need not be expensive, just durable with sturdy bristles {natural fibers, not synthetic.} The handle length depends on personal preference.

The best way to brush is to start with your feet and work your way UP, brushing TOWARDS to heart, using light but firm strokes; it’s not about scrubbing your skin raw. Around the abdomen make sure you use clock-wise, circular strokes.

As always, we defer to our staff for the tricks and whys of these wellness ways; a few of our instructors are DIE-HARD dry brush devotees:

For instructor Katie, dry brushing is just as much a part of her morning ritual as brushing her teeth:

“I’ve been dry brushing for so long, I can’t even remember why I began…I just know when I’m on vacation and or forget to brush, it’s just as unsettling to me as if I hadn’t brushed my teeth. I always dry brush before my morning bath {yes, I’m a bath girl}–and nothing wakes me up more–not even my coffee!! I use a handle-free brush because I feel it gives me more control. There’s a post-dry brushing buzz effect that I’m addicted to; your body just kind of tingles itself awake from the brush–it’s a REAL thing and I love it. I’m not sure about all of the toxin release, etc, I just know I feel super awake and boosted from it.”

CEO and instructor, Cassie has been a huge proponent of dry brushing for years. Here Cassie shares her daily dry brushing ritual with us: I started dry brushing after I read about it in Joseph Pilates’ book, “Return to Life.” Yes! Joe used a dry brush. He wrote “the use of a good stiff brush as described stimulates circulation, thoroughly cleans OUT the pores of the skin, and removes dead skin too. The pores of your skin must “breathe”- they cannot do so unless they are kept open and freed from clogging.” The first time I read that, I knew I had to try it. I use a long-handled brush on dry skin just before I get into the shower. It takes maybe three minutes. It’s not comfortable, and in the winter, it almost hurts. After I dry brush, I hop into the shower. In addition to the dry brushing, I recently started ending my shower with one minute of ice-cold water. I KNOW!!!!!!!! The combination of dry brushing and ice water is really invigorating. Try it! 

Do you dry brush? Do you have a favorite brush you like? What effects do you enjoy?

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