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Foam Rolling with Cassie

In addition to her crazy-fun classes at Grit, our instructor of the month for June, Cassie Piasecki, is also Orange County’s premier pilates guru. She knows the body better than anyBODY and is always giving great tips on how to restore, rebalance and preserve our muscles, tendons + bones.
One of the best ways to recover from indoor cycling is on a foam roller.
Cassie was kind enough to stop by The Outpost to give us her favorite and most useful exercises on the foam roller that target areas which tend to get irritated, tight or need extra attention after a Grit Class.
Foam rolling is one of the best ways to loosen up the muscles that get used during a Grit class.  Here are my top tips for using a foam roller and my fave exercises.
*Do each exercise at least 10-15 rolls or one-two minutes.
*Make sure you are drinking enough water to help flush out the toxins released during your foam rolling session.
*Aim to foam roll at least every day that you take a Grit class.
*Make sure you aren’t holding your breath.  If you find a tender spot, inhale and exhale deeply to help the muscle relax.

*Place the foam roller on your thighs and just above your knees
*Come down onto your forearms
*The range of motion is from just above the knee to just under the hip

Hip Flexor
*Place the foam roller under one hip flexor and open the opposite leg out to the side for support
*Rest on your forearms
*Roll the hip flexor out
*If you find a tender spot, you can stay in that position for some time breathing deeply and allow the muscle to relax
*Repeat on opposite leg

Iliotibial Band {IT Band}
Most people love to hate this one.  Go slow.  Breathe.  Work up to 10 passes.
*Lying on your side, place the foam roller just under the hip
*The range of motion is from just under the hip down to above the knee
*Repeat on opposite leg.

*Place the foam roller at the bottom of the ankle
*The range of motion is from the bottom of the ankle to just under the knee
*Do one leg at a time for greater intensity or both at the same time for a gentle roll

*Place the foam roller just above the knee
*The range of motion is from above the knee to the bottom of your seat
*Repeat on the opposite leg
Yes!  Your triceps are working!!!

*Place the foam roller at the very top of your thigh and go for it!  I roll from side to side to get not only the glute maximus but also the glute medius and minimus.

This one is so good for all of us!  Our chest muscles get tight from indoor cycling, sitting at our desks and too much driving.
{this is the one that is better with a longer foam roller}
*Place the foam roller in the center of your back
*Line it up so that your neck and head are supported
*Bend your knees and place your feet flat on the ground
*Allow your arms to open out to the sides and breathe deeply
*If this is too intense, you can place a folded up towel or yoga block under each wrist
*Rest in this position for as long as you’d like

If you’d like to see the whole sequence with movement, I made a video for you!
If you have any questions about these exercises, find me in the Saddle Room!

Thank you miss Cassie. We already feel looser and less tight!

Make sure you catch miss Cassie in the Saddle Room on her upcoming discounted instructor of the month days and times: Monday June 12th at 8:15am, Friday June 18th at 9:30am, Monday June 19th at 8:15am.

Happy rolling Gritties!