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Grit Gets SAJE’D

At Grit Cycle we pride ourselves on staying on trend with the newest and freshest in the world of wellness. We try not to limit our field to just fitness. Most of the products we sell, offer in our locker rooms and use to clean our studio are of the all-natural, non-toxic, and sustainable.

During this month of February, we’ve been lucky to have the premier company in natural wellness, SAJE, provide us with all of their best-selling, highest-rated products for bath, beauty, and home.

With a local store right here in Fashion Island, we’ve been big supporters of SAJE since they came into town selling their plant-based products that smell amazing and produce immediate results.

All of us at Grit have our favorite SAJE products. Here are just a few of the abundant SAJE concoctions we LOVE:

Front desk associate, Marisa Affedlt is a big fan of Saje; she’s become a believer in both the shoe/bag and mat sprays: “I tried the shoe and bag spray a few times after I rode and immediately noticed a difference. I can even smell it through my gym bag after and it’s so refreshing!

“I’ve been also looking for a yoga mat cleaner too so I was stoked that I found one there. Smells amazing! Not too overpowering when you are on your mat“.

Instructor Katie loves the “Bare Face” makeup remover we’ve been carrying in the locker rooms: “I have sensitive eyes which burn and tear up from pretty much every product. This coconut oil-based eye-makeup remover is so gentle on my eyes and completely removes my waterproof mascara.”

Definitely a staff favorite, the peppermint halo is an essential oil blend that instantly provides relief for pain, headaches, and tension. Nicci credits peppermint halo for bringing immediate ease to tight muscles.

Costa Mesa’s assistant studio manager, Abby, relies on Saje’s “pain release” oil blend to get her through those long morning shifts. “The blend helps my sore muscles and with the combo of menthol, lavender and eucalyptus oils (among others), also provides some stress relief elements!”

“I like the drops; they’re slightly sweet and not minty”...-Cassie

Our Marketing Director, Katie Frome, loves Saje’s pocket farmacy—-it “is perfect for people on the go. I like that  it packs easily in any purse and since I’m new to essential oil scene it’s the perfect introduction

Our Costa Mesa studio manager, Dre, has a major addiction to the floral deodorant. We can barely keep these bottles in stock because Dre is constantly spraying our office with this intoxicating scent that not only makes our desk areas smell great but eliminates odors caused by perspiration.

Steph: I bathe in the energy spray….even when I shower I still get a good spritz of this spray. 

If you are around the Monarch Beach studio today, please stop by; SAJE is hosting our WELLNESS WEDNESDAY. They are offering demos, products, and information on their fantastic company.

Wishing you a non-toxic day.


Grit Cycle