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Holiday Brownies from Samantha

Did you know that in addition to teaching sell-out classes and thrilling us with her superstar style and epic playlists, our Anaheim Hills instructor of the month, Samantha Bronfman, is also a trained pastry chef? Samantha aka “sam loves sweets” per her instagram handle, has been sweetening up the GritCycle staff and clients with her magazine worthy cakes and pastries. They are as delicious as they are beautiful too.

We asked Samantha if she’d kindly share an “easy” recipe for us we could make for the holidays. She obliged with the prettiest looking brownies we’ve ever seen!


4 oz or 1/2 cup of unsweetened chocolate

6 oz or 3/4 cup of unsalted butter

6 oz or 3-4 whole eggs

12 oz or 1.5 cups of granulated sugar

pinch of salt

0.25 oz or 1.5 tsp of vanilla extract

4 oz or 1/2 cup of bread flour

Dark Chocolate Ganache:

7 oz or 3/4 cup + 2 tbsp of dark chocolate

7 oz or 3/4 cup + 2 tbsp of heavy cream

White Chocolate Ganache:

7 oz or 3/4 cup + 2 tbsp of dark chocolate

3.5 oz or 1/4 cup + 3 tbsp or heavy cream

*Notice that I have also included the weight requirements for each of the ingredients. I strongly urge you to weigh everything out if you have the ability to. It is much more accurate, and, in my opinion, it takes much less time.

1. Preheat the oven to 325° F.

2. Melt the unsweetened chocolate in a double broiler.

3. Cut the butter into smaller pieces. Once the chocolate is mostly melted, add the butter to melt as well.

4. While the butter and chocolate are melting, add the vanilla extract to the eggs and gently break up with a fork.

5. Add the sugar and pinch of salt to the eggs. Mix with a spatula to combine {do not whisk}.

6. Pour the chocolate and butter into the sugar and egg mixture. The sugar protects the eggs so that they do not scramble from the heat. Gently mix with a spatula to combine.

7. Gently mix in the bread flour until no lumps remain.

8. Spray a 9×13 pan, line the bottom with parchment, and then spray again. Pour in the brownie mixture and then flatten out the top with an angled spatula.

9. Bake for 28-32 minutes. To tell if the brownies are done, poke the middle with a toothpick and see if it comes out clean. The brownies will also start to pull away from the edges of the pan.

10. Once done, let the brownies cool in the pan completely. Once you can, cover and place in the fridge overnight {or at least 7 hours}.

11. Once the brownies have cooled, it’s time to make the ganache. It is important to have the brownies out and ready because ganache hardens quite quickly — you will want to pour it immediately. I set the brownies on parchment because the ganache will drip over the sides. Flip the pan onto the parchment-covered surface and lightly tap the pan until the brownie releases.

12. Place the dark chocolate in a medium bowl. Boil the heavy cream in a pot and then pour it over the chocolate. Mix gently with a spatula to combine {if there are lumps, use a whisk only after the ganache is fully mixed}.

13. Pour the ganache over the brownies and even it out with an angled spatula. Make the white chocolate ganache using the exact same method as the dark chocolate ganache. Place the white chocolate ganache into a parchment cone and pipe even lines across the width of the brownies. Using a toothpick, draw lines across the opposite side in which the ganache was piped, making sure to draw the lines in alternating directions. Do this process quickly, as the ganache will harden quite fast. Place the brownie in the fridge for 45 minutes to let the ganache harden.

14. Trim the sides of the brownie so that it looks clean. Portion and eat!

Happy Eating Gritties!