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How To Avoid Burnout


We’ve all felt it…..BURN OUT!

Burn Out is defined as “Mental or physical collapse caused by overwork or stress.” It happens at work, it happens in our social life, and it even happens with our workouts. But it is avoidable. We asked our GritCycle staff what are some of their best ways to avoid Burn Out.

When I start to experience fitness burnout {especially when it comes to indoor cycling}, I take a class from an instructor that I don’t usually take a class from! It provides me with a fresh perspective and also challenges me. Each instructor pushes me in a different way and that keeps me motivated and also helps prevent burnout.” 💙-Lauren 

 “Take at least one day off every week and foam roll that sh!t out” 🤘🏼-Ashley Allen

“I definitely believe in listening to your body and taking a day off if you need it. If you’re feeling burnt out maybe you need to do one of the other workouts you like. Plan a sweat date, go for a power walk with a friend or your kiddos. Remind yourself you don’t always have to go balls to the wall to get your sweat in! Maybe do something at home like a yoga video. Switch it up! Plan your weeks out so you look forward to the people you will see in your classes or that friend you might meet for a power walk. OR go get a massage and reward your hot bod!”–Nicci 

“Try a different instructor! Grab a different set of weights. Get a massage. Or my favorite, get a new workout outfit💃🏻-Morgan

I still believe in moving your body every day to AVOID any and all types of burnout. Not every workout needs to be a “balls to the wall” workout. Make sure to include at least two “active rest” types of workouts. Depending upon your fitness level, this could be anything from power walks, to yoga, to Pilates, or swimming. “Active Rest” workouts usually involve some sort of meditative movement. They are such an important part of physical health.”-Cassie

Take a nap.”-Kaitlin

“Jumping into the topic of “burnout”!! My number 1 way of avoiding burnout is to move my body in different ways. I sometimes have to force myself to take a couple days off the bike to focus on different ways of moving, working, thinking, and breathing”..-Sara

Trying a different instructor/time to hit refresh/reset. Also being very mindful of when start feeling like “I have to go…” instead of “I want to go”. when I feel like I have to do something, it’s usually an indicator that it’s time to take a rest day or to try a new instructor! I make sure I am giving my body plenty of food and drinking lots of water. And I love going for walks! Walking gives me a chance to slow down and appreciate things while still moving my body!Hillary 

“Listen to your body. I tell riders during my class if something on your body doesn’t feel right then don’t do it. Do what feels right to you in that moment. And most importantly….. STRETCH IT OUT! I think a lot of times burnout comes from pain and not taking care of your body. take the time to stretch, foam roll or get a message! DO YOU!!!”-Danielle

As always we love hearing from our riders! What are your best tips for keeping Burn Out at bay.

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