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How To Recover

Maybe it’s just the season or a trend, but GritCycle seems to have a lot of brides-to-be on staff. Our ladies are becoming betrothed left and right, they’re picking out dresses, and deciding on honeymoon escapes. With the wedding planning also comes the time-honored tradition of the bachelorette and bachelor party that precedes the nuptials.

Typically an all-girl or all-boy, weekend away, blowout; these bachelorette and bachelor parties tend to take the verb “party” to its nth degree. Cocktails, dancing, and silliness best left for one’s memory and not their instagram feed epitomize these last “hurrahs” with a bride/groom-to-be’s best of friends.

But what happens when the party is over? On that Monday morning, on your first day back to work after a weekend of Tequila jacuzzi’s and Rosé waterfalls, how does one, especially someone who works in the wellness industry, get back in the saddle {room}?

We asked our instructor and bride-to-be, Morgan, fresh off a weekend in Tulum with her bridesmaids, how she got back into the Saddle Room so quickly after her bachelorette party. This is what Morgan had to say: 

Sleep anywhere and everywhere you can. I took naps all day Sunday!

Carbs and Caffeine. Yup, Sunday recovery calls for a couple more vices. Fries and a coke were delicious. 

Juices and Vitamins. Once my body soaked up the bad stuff with the carbs, I filled my body with all the good stuff.

 Self Care. Post-Bachelorette is a good time to take care of your skin. I did no makeup for a full day, and a mask that night to rejuvenate.

 Chill. With that face mask, I had a wonderful glass of red wine while watching Big Brother. Let yourself chill for a bit! 

 Monday morning, SWEAT! But, you have to do this smart. Double the amount of water before, after, and during you typically do and refuel post-class.

 Tuesday morning, SWEAT!

Hydrate. Through all things- WATER.

Ooh! Also, have fun unpacking your new lingerie with the hubs.

Thank you Morgan! These are fantastic tips and can be implemented by any of us {engaged or not} who maybe rode the party-bus too hard last weekend!

In health,