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In Gratitude

Happy Thanksgiving Gritties!

This time of year we reflect on all of our good fortunes. With all of the mass destruction and loss to our fellow Californians who have suffered from our recent wildfires, it’s not difficult to feel grateful. Our GritCycle staff would like to share some specific things they are most grateful for:

I am SO thankful for my friends and family! They are what lights up my life every day!  Life isn’t about what you “own”… it isn’t about the car you drive, or how much is in your bank account…. it’s about the memories you’ve created with those you love!Lisa

I am grateful for the opportunity I have been given to become the woman I have become. I am grateful for the opportunity to be given a chance to show other women my age that it’s never too late to replant yourself, grow new roots, blossom and thrive.. to reignite a fire in your belly and aspire to become that braver, bolder someone you thought was only achievable as a younger version of yourself. I am grateful for the opportunity to still have sand in my hourglass to live a vivacious life and to encourage other middle-aged women to embrace their potential and opportunity to do exactly the same.Nicole

So much to be thankful for this year. I am grateful for my beautiful baby girl, Harper Rose. She brings so much light to our lives and even on those challenging days as a parent, I couldn’t imagine our lives without her. I am super grateful for my amazing husband, Ryan, who does so much for our family every day. I am grateful for our sweet fur baby, Riley, and the crazy amounts of snuggles she gives us. I am grateful for my amazing job as a nurse and new lives I get to be a part of every single day. I am grateful for all my friends and family who support us on a daily. And last but not least, I am grateful for GRIT. I have met so many amazing people through this experience and I wouldn’t trade if for anything. IT TAKES A VILLAGE!!!Danielle

I am thankful for the people in my life who love me unconditionally, without trying to change who I am. Find these people. Love on them. And keep them close. They make life easier during hard times.Tony

My sisters. always, but especially during this wild time of year. they keep me balanced and even-minded, and for that, I am most grateful.-Amanda G

I would take up too much space if I were to go into all the insane levels of gratitude my heart feels for the gifts I’ve been granted this year. My sweet, little family is healthy and safe and I can’t put a price on that–I am beyond grateful. 

Someone else I’m truly grateful for is this miracle right here, Kelli-Jean! Always a firecracker, she gave us all a huge scare when she suffered a brain tumor and stroke last year. We didn’t know if she’d be okay? So dumb of us!? It’s Kelli! This girl has more spirit, more tenacity, more drive and fight in her than I’ll ever know. She fought back, she came back and is a daily reminder to me that miracles DO happen, and that AMAZING things happen to AMAZING people—it pays to be a good person. So this year I’m especially grateful for our Kelli. –Katie

Not trying to be cliché… But I really am thankful to Grit- the entire team and all of the wonderful clients who have been so welcoming. I really love to ride- 10 years later and it still has my heart💙 Can’t believe this year led me to Grit- so beyond blessed and thankful.-Amanda F.

This year, specifically in the last five months, I’m grateful for my “tribe”…I lost my dad to cancer in June and it’s been the most devastating time of my life…I quickly learned what a stellar group of people I have surrounding me and lifting me up. My husband, Eric. My mom. My kids. My Katie Osumi {yes, she’s mine.} My bestie, Danielle. My Grit crew. Everyone has rallied around us and even though we’re spending this Thanksgiving south of the border, I feel especially close to all of them.-Leigh

I’m grateful for my family. For Robert and for our girls. I’m grateful for the friends in our lives and for our health and happiness. I’m grateful for Laguna Beach, my favorite city I’ve ever lived in. 
And I’m grateful to be a fitness instructor. Everyday I love getting to do what I do.-Shannon

 I am grateful for the opportunity to share the same experience that I had with grit, with other people. I feel really blessed to get to be an instructor for this company. Grit has meant a lot to me, and was a huge part in me finding my footing when I moved here {i moved here knowing absolutely no one after my personal/running life had completely fallen apart} and grit gave me a space to be myself that was completely loving and accepting. it was a family. And I am so happy and so grateful that I have been given the opportunity to create that for others.Hillary

I have so much to be grateful for today and every day.

I thank God for two beautiful, healthy, happy children who make every day better. I am grateful they have a loving father whom they adore.
I am grateful for my mom. I am grateful she is passionate about life and is strong and healthy. I am grateful for my brothers and sisters and friends whom I consider family. I am so blessed to have a huge family full of nephews, nieces, cousins. I am grateful we had our Penny for 17 years and she lived a long and happy life with us. 
I am grateful for my partners Matt Bourne and Joe Pham and their families. They don’t even know it, but I learn so much from them on how they lead by example and live with integrity every day.
I am grateful for Cassie Piasecki. Since almost day 1 of Grit opening its doors, she has bled Grit Blue and is consistently walking the walk. She stepped into her Managing Director position and has helped us grow in the direction we have always envisioned.
I am grateful for Katie Frome who works so hard behind the scenes and always has a positive attitude. She can juggle so many different roles and help extinguish fires and she looks gorgeous as she does it!!! She is professional and sharp as a tack and we are so lucky to have her on the team.
I am grateful for Katie Osumi who helps our instructors find the best in themselves. She is so talented herself and she shares her expertise with all of us and really is an expert in her field. Thank you, Katie, for all you do!!!
I so appreciate every single one of our instructors who show up and bring their best day after day, whether teaching to 1 client or a full house. Thank you for all of your hard work, passion, and talent. You are all rock stars!!!
Thank you to Dre, Ashley, and Jill!!! You ladies are creating community in your studios. I love it when I visit and you know the names of everyone and ask them about their lives. You definitely have that personal touch that comes with genuine care. You run the studios as smooth as possible and make it look easy when we all know, it isn’t. Thank you!!
Thank you to the front desk crew. It’s a challenge taking care of 55 people every hour and keeping the studio clean, doing laundry and ringing up sales. You guys are the best and I really appreciate how you greet everyone with a smile and a “can do” attitude.
Thank you, Jessica and Tess, for the rad retail!! You guys have such a keen eye for purchasing and displaying it. Can you please come and make my closet look that good?
AND I am extremely grateful for everyone who comes in to ride with enthusiasm. This community so extremely supportive of one another. It’s a beautiful thing and I’m so lucky to be a witness and recipient. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for participating in class, in the Gritty Up, Karma rides, pre, and post-class activities and helping us give back to each other and to our communities.

Wishing all who have come through our doors, at every one of our studios, the happiest of Thanksgiving; GritCycle is nothing without our clients and your consistent loyalty and friendship. Thank you for trusting us with your bodies, minds, and spirits year after year; our time in the Saddle Room with you is special and valued to us; we don’t take it for granted; we laugh together, we dance together, we celebrate together and we even grieve together in this room. The Saddle Room is for you and we are so thankful you choose it to  enhance your life and wellness goals.
In Gratitude,