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Christy is a SoCal native born in Huntington Beach and raised in Yorba Linda. She has always been an athlete and found her true passion for group fitness after having her son 26 years ago. By the time she was pregnant with her daughter two years later, she was teaching step aerobics and kickboxing at the local gym.


Christy found her love for indoor cycling about 15 years ago which transferred into being a competitive road cyclist. Still competing, she now holds two State Championships (2017 and 2018) and attributes a lot of her endurance (both physically and mentally) to her years of teaching indoor-cycling classes. 


When GritCycle moved in to Anaheim Hills, Christy joined the team because she loves the Grit all-inclusive mentality and dancing on the bike is icing on the gluten-free cake! Christy is passionate about building amazing choreographed playlists and there is no move she doesn’t love! In her class you’ll hear a variety of music! She loves hip-hop, rap, and pop! A few throwbacks are a given. Christy’s MOST passionate about seeing people get stronger inside and out!


“This is YOUR ride…I am just so excited to be your tour guide!”