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Born and raised in the Bay Area, Nicole has been an avid fan of indoor cycling since 2013 but isn’t new to the health and fitness industry. She is the co-owner of GetMooreFitness, a boutique personal and mobile training studio in the City of Long Beach, a business she has run successfully with her husband for the last 20 years. A self-proclaimed gymrat, Nicole prides herself on coaching and motivating clients to aspire to be their best, both physically and mentally.  She is graduate in Communications from U.C Berkeley, with certifications in Personal Training, Indoor Cycle, and Barre.


What got Nicole hooked on GritCycle was the overwhelming sense of community and the emotional synergy of everyone in the room during and after the ride.  She best describes her Gritty classes as “church, on a bike, in the club”.  The mother of an adult son and daughter, Nicole’s living proof that at 49 years young, you’re never too old to have a party disposition or enjoy an uplifting sweat to a bomb ass beat. With playlists that include lots of hip-hop, old school rap, dance/house, R&B, and neo-soul, Nicole strives to create a feel-good, get-your-groove-on, house-party atmosphere that has you bobbing your head and shaking your bottom long after the ride is over. She guarantees that for 45 whole minutes, you’ll catch a vibe, let go of all inhibitions, and celebrate your best self.


When she’s not in the Saddle Room boogieing, you’ll find Nicole planning staycations to Trader Joe’s, playing with her pitbull puppies Kilo and Kairo, never skipping leg day in the gym, or falling in love with Barry, her husband of 25 years.


“Tap it back like everybody’s watching.”