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This is Christy! 


She is a cheeky, highly energetic, SoCal native with an athletic background. Although she played soccer and tennis from a young age well into adulthood, she found her true love later in life as a competitive cyclist, and currently holds three California State Championships!  


Christy found her affection for teaching indoor cycling, along with a variety of group fitness classes, nearly two decades ago! Her best memories as an instructor include her students conquering their greatest challenges! 


As for genre? There’s no type of music Christy doesn’t love! She will help you find the beat, master the moves, and excel with a smile on your face!


Even on your worst day, Christy will bring out the best version of you! She’ll have you walking out of the saddle room high on endorphins, drenched in sweat, and feeling ready to take on whatever awaits you…because you can!