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Madie is a small town Northern California girl, with big energy. Her love for fitness stems from her years of competitive athletics. This was cut short when she faced a series of six bilateral knee surgeries in high school. An abrupt lifestyle change motivated her to to rebuild her body and mind. She then realized her passion for inspiring others! Madie has been instructing fitness in Orange County for several years, and fell in love with Grit from the first drop. Her passion for music and fitness, and abundant enthusiasm makes Grit her very own match made in heaven. Madie’s playlists range from deep house beats, electronic-dance, with a sprinkle of rap here and there.

Madie is always striving to push the boundaries; her infectious spirit will motivate you mentally and physically to realize your full potential! When she isn’t at Grit, you can find Madie enjoying hiking, snowboarding, weight lifting or hanging with her pups. Find Madie in the saddle room for great vibes and great beats!