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Sara was born and raised in OC. She fell in love with spin immediately after her first pedal stroke at age 17. Soon after, she began her teaching career at 19. Sara’s goal with each class is to allow each rider the opportunity to unleash their inner warrior and to leave them with a renewed spirit. Her life motto is “I can. I will. I am able.” Simple words, but powerful.  Sara lives for the moments when the entire class is in sync with the beat. Seeing riders move in unison and connect in energy leaves her with chills every time. Her passion and smile on the bike is contagious. Her favorite move is a nice heavy hover or a deep meditative climb that allows her to get lost in the moment. Riding for Sara has always been so much more than just a workout. It’s therapy. It’s her happy place. And she wants to create that same environment and feel for each rider. A place to be free, vulnerable and unapologetically themselves. Her classes will inspire you, challenge you to turn up the gear and allow you to discover your true strength.


Whether it’s in the Saddle Room or outside, she loves having her feet on the pedals. Her favorite weekend activity is riding bikes at the beach. Outside of GritCycle, Sara works as a group fitness trainer. And when she’s not at work, she’s enjoying time with family and friends.