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Meet Sara, a sweet SoCal native. Some call her a ray of “human sunshine,” but don’t let the smile fool you, she’s got a side of sass to serve up, too. Over the years, GritCycle has been a personal place of growth, healing and happiness for her. Her goal is to provide that same uplifting environment that allows you to be yourself and encourage your inner warrior to come out and play!


Sara’s classes are sure to inspire you, challenge you to turn up the gear, and allow you to discover the bad a$$ you didn’t know you had in you. Her favorite saddle room moves are a nice heavy hover, a deep meditative climb, or some double-time alternating hand hops. Her playlists are a fun mix of EDM/house, pop remix, and a sprinkle of hip-hop. When the lights go out and the beat drops, it’s your time to unwind, let go, and dance like nobody’s watching. 


Sara lives by the motto: You can, you will, you are able. So with that — Time to clip in, gear up, and blast the music.