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Sarah Sanchez hails from the Bay Area but is now an ecstatic Orange County transplant with her husband, beautiful daughter Scarlett, and her hilarious French Bulldogs! She graduated with her B.S in Kinesiology while playing collegiate softball at California Baptist University. She went on to get her Masters in Sport Management  from the University of San Francisco.


She found Grit during one of the most important times in her life, which opened to the discovery of an amazing community focused on fitness, mental and physical self-care. From the first time she stepped foot in that blue room, her love for spin just exploded. There is so much more to her spin class than a workout. She hopes to inspire every single rider to be the best versions of themselves and know that they are a strong, bada** individual who is capable of anything! Unified in one room, one class, one community with music and a bike is a beautiful thing.


Get ready to just have a freakin’ awesome time. Expect all kind of music, beats, dancing, and singing…yes even singing. Give her a good push tap combo or long hover hold any day!