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I’ve Got Grit – Meet Francesca!

We are shining the spotlight on some of our GritCycle clients who get GRITTY on the regular. Get ready to be inspired and motivated to ramp up your GritCycle routine by these superstars.


Meet Francesca, a Walnut Creek local who found her love for Grit at our newest studio!


 How long have you been riding at GritCycle? 

As a Bay Area native, I took my first ever Grit class at MB in March of 2019! I would only ride on the off chance I was in southern California! Since the opening of Walnut Creek in January, I have been a frequent rider! 


 How do you feel after a GritCycle class?

I feel like a very happy person after GritCycle class! Even if my legs are shaking, I am drenched in sweat and out of breath I almost always come out of class with a huge smile on my face. I feel like each class I am improving as a rider which is HUGE in any sort of fitness journey, specifically mine. I walk out feeling stronger than when I came in both mentally and physically!


 How has riding at GritCycle affected other parts of your life? 

GritCycle has definitely helped me find confidence in knowing what I am capable of that I have applied in other aspects of my life. It is an amazing feeling accomplishing something that seems far out of reach one moment, like a 45-second sprint, and then when you do it you just sit there like “Shit! I just did that,” by the next class you know you can, so you do it. Manifesting is a real thing and I believe having that kind of “I can do it!” confidence has definitely manifested itself in difference ways especially in my work life and personal life. I am definitely walking into situations with a different mindset that is reflective of someone who knows if it is not working out now in this moment, staying confident in what you know you can do, accomplish and offer is key in knowing it will come one day.


What does being “gritty” mean to you?

  1. I think that being “gritty” is that feeling of reaching that point of breaking through all hesitations and it’s when you let go of what you think you look like, say fuck it and go bigger from then on out. I think there is a moment that comes during  a ride when you realize you CAN get lower in a push-up (and your arms don’t break), you CAN hair flip in figure 8’s (and not fly off the bike) and you CAN survive motorcycles on beat that everyone hits – it’s like you’re totally feeling yourself in a moment… but being “gritty” is when you make the decision for that to become the norm for the rest of your rides.


What’s your fave move on the bike?

I love me some tap-backs!


Favorite song to hear in the Saddle Room?

Too many to chose from!