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Kelli Stays “Trim”!

Already teaching a slew of classes in both our Costa Mesa and Long Beach studios, our Master Instructor, Kelli Collins, has added another format to her repertoire: Versaclimbing!

The newest trend to hit the fitness scene, Versaclimbing classes are all the buzz these days. Taught on a Versaclimber, these classes have the client standing the WHOLE time, forcing their entire body to WORK! We’re talking an upper AND lower body workout; apparently, every single muscle in the body gets targeted.

Already teaching over nine classes a week at GritCycle, and soon to be adding even more once our Huntington Beach location opens we reached out to Kelli to share with us how this new workout compliments her time in the Saddle Room. We also asked Kelli how she manages to balance her time, energy, and rest in order to teach all of these HIGH energy and high-intensity classes.

 Kelli! Tell us about this new class you teach at Trim?

I just started teaching the XXX CLIMB class at Trim Fitness Studio; this class is high intensity, low impact cardio. This is a calorie blasting, mind, and body challenging class. The XXX CLIMB method uses the upper and lower body together. Unlike most cardio machines, the versa climber gives you zero momentum. This forces your body to do all of the work.

I have never done anything like it. I considered myself in great shape and cardio was “no big deal” until I was introduced to the Versa Climber. Everyone must try it. Even if you LOVE it or HATE it, you will STILL come back for more of my fun torture, epic dance moves, hair flips, and you will for sure “DROP YOUR KITTY DOWN LOW to the floor.” {LOL}

What is your favorite part of the workout?

I love a challenge for my mind and body; this definitely does both. I’m a cardio junkie and with the amount of energy, I have it’s no wonder I love it. {insert shaka here with my big smile.}

I will say I struggle just as much as everyone else does in the class. There is NO CHEATING on this machine. If you stop your feet, your time stops TOO!?!!  Say what?! LOL, That will keep you honest!

The goal of this climb class is to use the full potential of your body in long range and short range. You will also use your core more than ever.

PS. Did I tell you we use resistance on the climber! Say What!?

How does it differ from teaching at GritCycle?

For all you Grit Cyclists and Indoor workout guru’s let me tell you: this is nothing like indoor cycling. Vertical and horizontal workouts are completely different. Steps versus Rotations are sooooo different. When we ride in an indoor cycling class we are able to use momentum. We balance out our pedal strokes to take out the bounce; adding resistance challenges each individual. Throughout the entire GritCycle class, we employ our core to stay stable and fired up. We also use so many amazing moves {our choreography} that work our upper body and leg strength. We work against the resistance of the bike and the resistance of gravity. 

XXX Climb is a lot more about your own body strength upper and lower. NO MOMENTUM! We use a series of moves that are easy to understand once you have done the class. You will notice why we call it Range of Motion. This machine has adjustable bars and you will hang on tight. You will pull and push using your core more than ever. One of the moves we love are SQUATS; just like you would do freestanding, but we use the low bar of the climber. This move is a BOOTY blaster for sure. We have 12 climbers in one room with a podium for the instructor. The lights and music is a party in itself. XXX is the Roman Numerals for 30. This is how long our classes are. When you take it you will understand why:)

Kelli, you’ve come off a VERY traumatic and emotional year, recovering from brain surgery and a stroke; now you’re back, full-throttle with a schedule that intimidates most fitness professionals, how do you balance teaching all of these classes?

My last year has been the most life-changing, traumatic year of my life. I still cannot believe last December I had a stroke due to a bleeding mass and tumor in my brain. I am lucky just to be able to write this blog to you let alone being blessed with full recovery of my body! My mind on the other hand?? well, that’s another story. {insert wink here} I am truly blessed. Since the surgery, my positive outlook and determination got me back to teaching in less than 3 months. I will tell you that my motivating force behind my recovery was not just about me, but I also was determined to return to where I feel more alive than any other place–the Saddle Room–with my GRIT family. {insert my tears here now} I will tell you NOTHING IN LIFE IS EASY, but when you can wear a smile and push through it with some tears anything is possible.

 Our Minds and our Bodies are wondrous and fragile; we must be careful and selective with the words and thoughts we nurture our souls with. I’ve learned through all of this that SELF LOVE is the most important lesson of all and that I must be vigilant to balance any fears, doubts, or negativity I feel with an equal and greater amount of SELF LOVE. 

Feed your soul with kind, loving words, and watch what happens. I’M A WALKING-TALKING-DANCING MIRACLE & WARRIOR, and I wear my Armour of LOVE and POSITIVE pants for you and my soul.

What do you eat during the day to keep energized and sustained?  How does rest and “down-time” play a role in your day?

I teach 16 packed or Sold Out classes a week. CLIMB & SPIN! I can do it all day because of these few mind and body nourishing must-dos. Since my surgery, I have to sleep at least 10 to 11 hours a day. I take plenty of naps between my classes. I really try to drink as much water as possible. I listen to my body. If I’m hungry, I eat, and I will make sure I eat protein and good fats. Every day, I DO eat PERFECT BAR; {we sell them at Grit!} It is the perfect {no pun intended} bar that tastes so good and fills me up. Now, remember it’s a snack, not a meal.  Keeping everything in moderation not over thinking it. A well-balanced diet and planned-out routine are important for me. I will admit I will never say “no” to another class because I absolutely LOVE what I do. I danced 8 to 10 hours a day for years. Coming from a ballet company and performance background with performances back to back, and owning a dance studio and teaching 6 hours a day, this is the same to me, but now in the fitness stage. I just really know what works for me, and if it’s too much I will say “No.” {That’s a lie I will say “Yes” but that’s because I’m Kelli Jean Collins!}—- If I’m alive and able, I will always go the extra pedal stroke or long range for you!

What do you look forward to most after a full day of packed classes and teaching?

The most rewarding, satisfying part of a night of packed, high-energy classes is hearing how I have made a difference in one person’s night, morning, or day. Looking at the posts that riders and climbers write about how other instructors have changed their life. It gives me such JOY to know I’m still here to witness and be a part of the fitness community and my extended Grit and newly XXX Climb family. I also LOVE getting my YOGA on!

I go home, shower, eat my dinner, walk my cub Gravy, and crawl into bed!

I hope to see you make it over and try a class with me!


We love you Kelli. Thanks for sharing a glimpse into your newest world of theXXX Climb. You can find Kelli teaching the XXX Climb class at the Costa Mesa Trim Fitness Studio. And you can find our girl six days a week at our Costa Mesa GritCycle Studio, three mornings a week at our Long Beach Studio, and she’ll soon be light up the schedule at our newest Huntington Beach location.