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kristi archeluta–grit story!


For the month of February we are bringing you Grit Stories of individuals who take their Grit time very seriously. They are strict and disciplined when it comes to taking care of their health; that includes their time at Grit. They never miss a booking opportunity, therefore they rarely skip a workout and they’ve seen giant changes in their overall well-being.


Our first hard-core Gritty Story comes from one of our first riders, Kristi Archuleta.

We have all watched Kristi make an amazing transformation from her first day here in the saddle room. She is a staff favorite, and her two beautiful daughters, Amanda and Cassie, are now even Gritty Babes. She IS family.

Let’s hear Kristi’s Grit Story:


My name is Kristi Archuleta.  I live in Garden Grove, CA. I have three daughters. Cassie, Beth, Amanda.  Two of which work at Grit.  To show how much I love it.  I brought them the loved it so much the now work there. We have 4 cats one for each female in the house.  Lol. And a turtle for dad.  I work at or we own our own electrical contracting business. Which allows me to have flexible time to workout.  Literally ever week my weekly schedule revolves around booking my bikes and setting my workouts and everything else must fit into that schedule.  Most about me is loosing 70 pounds and getting health has been an amazing hard accomplishment. I really want to keep it up.  A remember being completely out of breath walking up stairs to now running up them.  Feels amazing.


Kristi, what brought you to Grit?

  I started working out with a trainer about 7 years ago.  Lost 70 pounds.  I was always looking to try new workouts.  We were preparing for the Nike women’s half marathon (my first) and I was heading up to San Francisco the day before and needed Inga Benebo’s info to get her packet.  She said if you want it come join me at this new amazing place Grit Cycle and get it.  I was like “ok. What is that?” NEVER having spun before. And of course it was a Matt Bourne class.

Do you remember your first class? 

Yes I do.  Not knowing how it worked at the time.  I created account and purchased first time rider class. And was like: “I’m good to go.”  Not knowing you had to pick a bike.  I get there and my name was not on the list. Which for a Matt class is full.   After someone explaining how to pre-book and pick class and then pick a bike.  I was lucky enough to get in.  And wow, it was so fun. Such full of energy. Everyone was so helpful, friendly and energetic.


What do you love about Grit?

I love grit.  The energy.  The people. The instructors. Right when you walk in the door. Everyone is “hi, how are you. Welcome”. I’ve met a lot of amazing people coming to Grit.  It’s like truly a family atmosphere and everyone is there for the same amazing workout.


How has your life changed since coming to Grit?

 I have continued to lose weight.  And tighten up.  Have gotten stronger for sure.  Breathing has become amazing.  In the beginning thought I was dying after 2-3 song.  Now more like by song 9. Emotionally.  Everyone I have met has been super friendly.  When you walk up   And see new and old friends. I get tons of compliments on how much I’ve changed and how I look and honestly it feels wonderful when people notice the hard work I put in on keeping in shape.  When you go shopping and you get into that smaller size.  It feels amazing and it had a lot to do with grit.

 I’m not a bragger but when I’ve been out and I see family and friends, even strangers. And you get a wow you look amazing or a you are in great shape. To just the other day, you are so buff and your a**. Lol.  It feels really good to have people notice. I say thank you. I work really hard on all this.

What advice would you give to a first-timer coming to Grit, who’s a little unsure about the whole experience?

  I always tell people when they ask.  Please come. Set up account, pick a bike (First Ride IS FREE! . Come and try it). Your first time will be different and a little weird. You will feel like” what? ” Best to be in the back to watch the ones who have been coming for a while.  That it takes at least 5 times coming to really catch on.  But it is so fun no matter what all the way through. You will love it. And once you got it you will never see spinning the same way again.


What or Who is your biggest inspiration or motivation?

Keep my weight off and keeping healthy is my motivation.  And who inspires me is Inga Benebo. She got me started going to grit. And I’ve never stopped or looked back.  She got me setting alarms on my phone so no matter where I am or what I’m doing.  When that alarm goes off all stopped.  It’s time to book my bike.   Shhhhhh.


Grit cycle is like a night club on a bike. You move to the beat of the music and have fun. While getting an amazing sweaty workout.  How could you ask for more?


Do you have a class or ride that has been your most memorable or favorite?

There are so many!  I think I’ve at least tried all of the instructors at some point.  But my birthday ride with Marisa Wayne was awesome.  My daughter arranged for the two of us to podium ride.  Very intimidating but soooo fun.   Love Marisa.  I’m waiting to podium ride for Matt Bourne.   Lol.  The karma rides and fundraiser rides I’ve done are also amazing and inspirational knowing you are helping a worthy cause.

What is your favorite song to ride to and why?

Lots of favorites.  Love motorcycles.  But I have to say when Matt starts “Bend Ova“.  I may curse a little and then get going. That is one of his fastest, longest songs with 5 sets of moves in it. That song took me the longest to learn to get all the way through without stopping.  Stated out doing the moves and slowing down between moves to making it through the first 3 moves and slowing or sitting during break and getting back up for last 2. To the first time I made it all the way through. I like screamed.  “YES”.  To now well now it’s my song.  Lol.


What was your “aha” moment, experience, ride, situation where you realized Grit was more than a spin class for you?

Not sure about an aha moment but grit continues to be more than a spin class to me everyday.  Everyday I meet new people. See people I’ve known for a while. I feel so welcome and loved when I go there and when we bike up and are waiting to start we are all there for the same reason to have an amazing energetic hard sweaty ride that leaves you breathless and energized and just “wow” when you walk out of that saddle room saying oh yeah. What time is it. I need to book my next ride.


{Kristi on a girls’ trip in Las Vegas—but they’re all taking the time out to book their bikes↑↑↑↑.}

In closing I can’t say how important it is if you want a certain class time or instructor to pre book your bikes in advance. Put reminder in your phone. That way you don’t have to stress that day or time about whether or not you can get in.


Kristi you are such an inspiration to all of us at Grit. Thank you so much for sharing your Grit Story with us.

We can’t stress how much we love our Gritties who pre-book their bikes. They definitely stay the most consistent, the most accountable and see the biggest changes in fitness gains.

Don’t forget to pre-book those bikes and hit those goals!