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Meet your Walnut Creek Studio Manager, Amanda!

You may know her as the Huntington Beach front desk favorite with her hard-working and bubbly personality. It is our honor to introduce you to our new Walnut Creek studio manager, Amanda!
1. How long have you been with the company?
I started in March 2019. I went to USC and worked in tech sales in Santa Monica after I graduated. I didn’t love tech and I wanted to be in a field I felt passionate about. My best friend loves Grit, so I interviewed for a position at the Huntington Beach studio. I started as lead and became assistant manager about two weeks after the studio opened. I absolutely love Grit; both workout and the community aspect.
2. What is your connection to Walnut Creek?
I grew up in Sonoma county and have been interested in moving back to northern California. I’ve been in Southern California since college and i’m excited to move to the Bay Area. I visited the town a couple of weeks ago, and thought it was such a cute, quaint town.
3. What is your favorite song to hear in the Saddle Room?
Gangster Gangster by Dr. Fresch
4. What are you excited to learn about the Walnut Creek community?
I’m excited to meet the people in the community. Grit brings together such wonderful people and i’m so excited to meet the new WC clients. I’m also excited to find great restaurants and dessert places (love dessert). I also love to run, and want to find some places to jog in the community.
5. Describe GritCycle in 3 words to Walnut Creek. 
Inspiring, motivating, friendly