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Meet the Founders of Mary Joe Brand


Can we take a moment to talk about one of the fastest growing health trends of 2018? Insert CBD here. This miracle potion is quickly becoming famous for its host of health benefits. People are eating it. Drinking it. Supplementing with it. And we’ve got it at GritCycle!

We’re so excited to shine a spotlight on one of our favorite products: Mary Joe Brand CBD-Infused Cold Brew Coffee. We invited founders Robert Guy and Ryan Rankin over to The Outpost to talk about their brand, talk about what makes CBD so cool, and explain a little further how it could help our community of riders.


So, how do you two know each other? What’s your story?

Robert Guy: Ryan and I have been friends forever – we went to preschool together, grew up here in Costa Mesa, and have been friends ever since.

Ryan Rankin: Yes, we’ve traveled together. Surfed. Camped. Worked on tons of projects together, most recently Mary Joe Brand.



What inspired you to start Mary Joe Brand?

RG: We actually were working on a surf clothing line, but at the end of the day, didn’t feel all that passionate about it. We wanted to come up with something that could enhance a product people were already using every day – which is where the cold brew coffee came in. We’ve been longtime proponents of medical marijuana and were inspired by the naturally occurring health benefits in CBD, so that with the coffee just seemed like a natural fit. Above everything, we just want to help people feel their best.



Wait…what is CBD?

RR: The scientific name – cannabidiol – is one of over 100 cannabinoids, or active compounds, that are naturally occurring in the hemp plant. THC is the other most popular one. CBD, however, is getting tons of attention right now though because of all of the health benefits.

RG: The CBD oil we use is sourced from an organic provider in Oregon. They send leaves and stalks to a lab that will refine it down to make the oil, which makes it more bioavailable.


How is CBD helpful?

RR: Where do I even start, haha. It helps with muscle recovery, it’s anti-anxiety, reduces nausea, increases cell rejuvenation, it’s anti-inflammatory, and the list just goes on.

All mammals have something called the endocannabinoid system, which basically helps regulate other systems in the body, and CBD plugs directly into the endocannabinoid system to help balance things like sleep, immune responses, etc. Pretty powerful stuff.


People keep asking us…is drinking Mary Joe Brand coffee going to get me high?

RR: Nope. CBD is not psychoactive. THC is the cannabinoid that causes people to feel high and it’s not in our coffee whatsoever.



How else should Gritties be using CBD?

RG: Massage therapy is great for athletes or people who work out a lot. Using either a pure CBD oil extract or a CBD-infused lotion and rubbing it directly on sore muscles can be really helpful.


What does the future of Mary Joe Brand look like?

RG: Coffee was really just the first step. We’d love to create a kick-ass health and lifestyle brand and expand our CBD product line. The thing about hemp is it’s so versatile; you can make clothing, edibles, household items…we would just love to see a line of products that naturally help people ‘create better days.’ The future looks very, very bright.


Ryan. Rob. We love you guys. Thanks for stopping The Outpost and sharing your smarts with us!


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