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Five Things To Do To Promote Your Studio Before It Opens


You’ve poured your heart, soul, and money into building out your new indoor cycling studio.  You have spent hours at the city getting your permits.  You have spent weeks waiting for the custom lighting to arrive and to be installed.  You have spent months training your staff and instructors.  It’s finally time to throw open your doors!!!  Your first week is booming thanks to all of the friends and family wanting to support you.  Week two is pretty good, but the reality of week three hits you like a pair of sweaty lululemon pants left in your gym bag over the weekend.


We get it!  It takes a LOT to get your studio open.  You want your capacity numbers to be A+; not only for you but for your instructors, too.  Here are five things that you can do to promote your studio in the months and weeks before you open.


          1. Get connected with local fitness groups.  You, your studio staff, and your instructors should join local fitness groups.  You can find these groups on Facebook (look for the local Tone It Up group), on MeetUp.com, and at schools and churches. (If there aren’t any in your city, start one and promote it on Facebook.)  Once you join these groups, let the people get to know you by either attending events that they are having or by offering to lead an event.


          1. Have a pop-up tent in front of your studio while it’s being built.  Have your new Studio Manager and staff “man the booth” every day and offer “Presale Specials.”  Sure…these prices will be less than your optimal pricing, BUT you’ll have people eager to use their classes when you open.  You want bodies on bikes…even if they paid a little less.  This also gives your staff a lot of time to get to know prospective clients before the studio opens.  Encourage these people to follow your social media channels and get their email address.  Building your email list is GOLD.


          1. Attend events in your city.  Is there a local 5K?  Buy a table at the event and use it as an opportunity to get to know prospective clients.  Do a giveaway or hand out swag in exchange for their email address.
          1. Join the Chamber of Commerce.  Chambers LOVE to promote local businesses.  Go to the events.  Shake hands and get to know the movers and shakers in your city.


          1. Meet your local active retailers.  Getting connected with companies like lululemon, Athleta, or RYU can be instant clientele builders.  Offer complimentary classes or special discounts to their employees. Those employees will be quick to share their experiences with you and your studios to their customers.



We know that there are a million things on your “To Do” list to get your studio open.  For a deeper dive into our indoor cycling studio business model where we cover marketing and promoting, check out our one day program, Studio DEconstructed.  This program is ideal for new studio owners or studios that haven’t reached their fullest potential.