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Live - Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book a Livestream class?

Head to the GritCycle Online location on our website and you’ll see the schedule there. Please select the time and hit Reserve. Don’t forget to hit the Confirm Reservation on the second page. Unfortunately at this time, Livestream classes are not bookable via our mobile app, so please use a desktop computer

Where can I watch the Livestream class once I've booked?

You will be emailed a link 10 minutes before class begins. It’ll also be on your account page when logged into your GritCycle account under “My Live.”

Does the booking window cut off at a certain time?

Yes. Please book your bike no less than 30 minutes before class to ensure you reserve a spot. For example, if class is at 9:30am, you have until 9:00am the same day to reserve your spot. Any reservation after that will not receive the link to ride. We need to make sure we give people plenty of time to get set up!

When will I get the link for class?

10 minutes before class begins.

Do I need to login in again to watch?

Your class is password protected! You’ll need to login using your Gritcycle credentials to access this class.

Can I watch this class at a later time?

No, due to the true Livestream nature of our class, you will not be able to ride at a later time. If you have an outstanding circumstance, please email us at info@gritcycle.com.

Anything else?

Shoot us an email at info@gritcycle.com

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