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Reopening Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to sign a waiver?

Yes! Please login to your account. A waiver will populate for you to digitally sign. You will also be required to answer a pre-class questionnaire / waiver prior to every class.

Do I have to wear my mask during class?

No – You will be required to wear a mask when moving about the common areas of the studio (check in, restrooms, etc.) Once you are clipped into your bike, you may remove your mask. And don’t forget to social distance ☺

Will shoe rentals be available?

Yes! Shoes will be sanitized per CDC guidelines, and rotated between classes. Rental shoes are $2. Make sure to have your card on file for contactless check out.

Do you take cash?

Sorry – no. Please make sure you have a card on file for any transactions at the studios.

How do I check in?

You will be able to check in using the GritCycle app on your iPhone. Once you get within in the parking lot of the studio, login and check in! If you do not have an iPhone, please see our front desk staff. We promise the android version of our app is coming – so stay tuned.
Don’t forget to check in! Our 2 minute policy still applies and we will give away unchecked bikes to those on the waitlist. Don’t get shut out!

What if I am on the wait list?

Please find a member of the front desk staff to let them know you are here for the wait list. Make sure you are not congregating indoors and remain socially distant while you are waiting. The front desk staff will call you if you make it in!

Are the showers open?

Not at this time.

What about restrooms?

Yes those are open!

What about towels?

Yes, we will have towels! We are washing and sanitizing per CDC guidelines. You are welcome to and we encourage you to bring your own towel. You may also purchase one at the studio if you prefer.

Are my credits still good?

Of course! And we have extended all expirations.

What if I have a membership?

Yes, they are still good and we have extended all privileges on memberships!

What are you doing to keep it clean?

We are sanitizing equipment in between each class using EPA registered products according to CDC guidelines. We will also provide you with a sanitizing wipe before and after class. Don’t forget to wash your hands!


Yes! For the added safety of our clients and employees, we have upgraded our HVAC system with HEPA filters that have a MERV rating consistent with current COVID guidelines, and have installed in studio air purification systems.

Is the water fountain open?

The touchless fountain at Anaheim Hills will be made available. The fountain at Costa Mesa remains closed. Make sure to bring your own water bottle – but if you forget we have waters available at the studio for $3

Are lockers available?

Sorry not at this time. Please minimize the amount of belongings you bring into the studio and keep them by your bike.

Anything else I should know?

When class is over, you must wear your mask prior to dismounting your bike and exiting the studio up until you are back inside your vehicle. Please be sure to remain socially distant as you exit the studio.

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