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Sage This!


You may not know this about the staff here at GritCycle, but as much as we’re into taking our Vitamins, seeing our family doctor for check-ups, and depending on hard-nosed science and engineering to get the show running around here; we also dabble in the metaphysical.

In addition to our Crystals, we are big believers in the practice of Saging, or Smudging as it’s sometimes called.

With its roots in Native American culture, Saging is the process of cleansing an area or space of negative energy. It’s like a hitting the “refresh button”!


How to Sage is actually very easy and kind of fun; you get to channel your inner witch. First, you’ll need to choose a sage/smudge stick; these are available at most natural groceries stores {think Mother’s Market, Whole Foods} or a metaphysical store. You can also buy them online on Amazon.

Before you begin, you’ll set an intention, ask for guidance, say a prayer, or think about why you are wanting to sage this space?–it need not be so “woo woo“; something as simple as “I’d like all negativity to leave this space.

Next, you need to light your sage. This is the tricky part, according to tradition, the smoke is the actual ouster of negative energy, so you need to get the sage really lit and smokey. The smoke is thought to attach on to any negative energy and disperse it out of your space.

Once the Sage is smokin’, you’ll want to thoroughly “smudge” your space; this means getting into every nook and cranny of your home or office; open drawers, cabinets, closets, etc—anywhere you want to expel negative energy.

Saging can be done as often as you like, anytime you want to reboot the energy around your space; some examples of why people sage include: after a fight with your significant other, if you’ve been sick or someone else has been sick, if you’ve had guests, a big party or gathering etc., and just want to clear your space of anyone who has been in your space.

A good re-set can do us all some good.

Happy Saging Gritties!


P.S.—stay tuned for what to do AFTER the “sage”—the Palo Santo burn…