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Brittni is a blend of positive vibes and big energy that will leave you covered in sweat & eager for more. A southern California native, her cycling obsession began when she taught her first class back in 2014. Brittni started playing softball in kindergarten and has always considered herself an athlete. This ultimately led to passions for swimming, running, thousands of different group exercise classes, and of course, indoor cycling. She has her master’s degree from CSUF in kinesiology, and when she’s not in the saddle room she is a part time professor at Orange Coast College. She brings the motivation you need to every ride and wants you to come to class excited and ready to push yourself!


Brittni’s favorite things to play in the saddle room are hip hop, pop, and EDM. Her goal for you in the saddle room is to focus on having a growth mindset and bringing your everything to those magical 45 minutes.