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Conner’s upbeat energy and dance moves on the bike (which you’ll hear him refer to as “Connerography”) will make him your new favorite instructor. He is a former National Champion cheerleader and a well known and respected cheerleading coach and choreographer. Conner fell in love with indoor cycling for the same reason he loves cheerleading; the workout‘s “team” element and it’s correlation to the beat of the music.
Conner’s playlists typically consist of pop (especially 2000’s throwbacks), hip hop and covers of songs you can’t help but sing-along to. His favorite move on the bike is power jumps but push-up tapbacks are a close second.
45 minutes with Conner isn’t just a spin class, it’s an experience! His top priority is that his riders have fun, feel successful and walk out of the saddle room feeling like the best versions of themselves. When you take Conner’s class, you can expect to sing, dance, laugh, cry and definitely SWEAT!