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If Andrew’s perfect smile does not rope you in, his amazing energy will seal the deal. Andrew immediately fell in love with the Grit culture and immediately knew that he had to be a part of the family. Hailing from Huntington Beach, Andrew has been teaching indoor cycling for many years, delivering classes that are uplifting and full of love. He mixes top 40, EDM, deep beats, and classic throwbacks, always keeping things interesting in the saddle room. His goal for his riders is to leave his class feeling unstoppable; like they can achieve anything both in and outside the studio doors. He is all about diversity, loving people for who they are, and embracing acceptance for all.
When he is not lighting up the podium, he is taking care of kids by helping stop sugar bugs as a pediatric dentist at Tiny Tooth Co. and local pediatric dental offices. Andrew has served on active duty as a captain for the United States Army for four years and is currently in the reserves. Andrew loves to eat (a lot), hang with his family and friends, and spend time with his handsome prince charming, Marcus. If you want to experience the “Vo-Show”, sign up for his classes & you’ll understand what that means after taking him!