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Jaclyn was born and raised in Orange County California, where her love for fitness first started in the pool and has now led her to the saddle room. Jaclyn has been an athlete most of her life, she began her competitive swimming career at the age of eight, and finished out her swimming career as a division one collegiate athlete for Arizona State University. When she is not in the saddle room, you can find her working for her family business All-Met Recycling, Inc. where she is the Director of Sales and Marketing. Jaclyn’s passion for fitness and sense of community is what brought her to GRIT Cycle, after being a client at GRIT for less than a year she knew she wanted to find a way to be a part of the team! Jaclyn is committed to making your 45 minutes in the saddle room about positivity, passion, perseverance, strength, and empowerment. She found her GRIT, and wants to help you find yours! Are you up for the challenge?

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