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Kaitlin landed in California over 10 years ago, coming to us from Columbus, Ohio. Now that she can consider herself a local, Kaitlin loves the sunny beaches and the drives to the hot desert or the snowy mountains. Having been in love with fitness her entire life, she has taught spin at GritCycle for 8 years, is a level 2 CrossFit Coach, Certified Yoga Instructor, and a Lululemon ambassador. A (Very) loud, strong, and undeniably passionate combination of all things sweaty! Kaitlin believes that the community under the blue lights of the Saddle Room is the magic of GritCycle and she puts fire to those blue lights.


Kaitlin emulates in her classes that you can do hard things, whether that be in or out of the saddle room. Her takeaway is that you leave her class knowing with every part of who you are that you are capable of absolutely anything, whether that be a 5-minute weight song, a faster than a fast motorcycle, or being a bada$$ of a human being.