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Born and raised in Southern California, Kelsey grew up playing competitive sports. She loved every minute of putting in hard work and being able to push herself physically and mentally with strong passionate people by her side. One of the things that brought her to Grit is getting that same feeling every time she steps into the Saddle Room. She’ll encourage you to work your hardest for yourself along with each and every other rider amongst you. It’s all about progress, not perfection, and building a stronger and better you. In her class, you can expect a mix of pop, EDM, hip-hop, rap, and some throwbacks – always changing it up.

When she’s not sweating it out in the Saddle Room, you can expect to see her hanging out with her husband, their rescue pup (Sherman) and friends, usually at the beach or on a patio, and likely drinking sparkling water or an IPA. Her full-time gig is working at Vans as the merchandiser of kids classics for North America, which is all you will see her wearing (well, not the kid’s styles).

Her favorite quote is, ‘The journey is the reward’. Every day is nothing short of a badass journey when you don’t hold back and always believe in yourself.