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Shannon’s first love was dance, primarily classical ballet. It was the precise movement, the storytelling and the community that pulled her in.
She came to find Gritcycle at a pivotal moment in her life. What came after ballet and how could she expand her reach and make a bigger impact.
There was an immediate connection from her first ride to the very unique community that is Gritcycle. An energy that you long to feel, to be a part of, to hold on to and ultimately to share.

Her stage experience, musicality and athleticism would prove to be invaluable training for Grit.
You’ll find gritty and soulful music as she mixes in indie, alternative and rock music. Shannon’s classes are an exuberant sensory experience, a dynamic fluidity that’s both vigorous and empowering. She brings that 8 count dancer mentality, while always maintaining a bit of tongue in cheek humor.

Born and raised in Southern California, Shannon and her family reside in Laguna Beach. In addition to leading classes at GritCycle, she is a yoga teacher and a barre instructor. Her education includes both kinesiology and nutrition.
With well over a decade of teaching experience, it’s clear there’s nothing else she’d rather do.