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Coming all the way from St. Louis, Tony was not always the fitness fanatic that he is today. He came out to California three years ago in order to get a fresh start on life. Through his sobriety, Tony has found a new love in becoming the best possible version of himself: mind, body, and spirit, and hopes to help his riders achieve the same. Tony loves any kind of activity that makes him sweat! His favorites are indoor cycling, crossfit, HIIT, and boxing. Tony’s all-time favorite move is a push to tap, as it really allows the riders to unleash their inner strength.


Tony had never taken a spin class before coming to GritCycle, but fell in love as soon as the blue lights and pounding music penetrated his body. For Tony, indoor cycling is about learning to push through discomfort and learning that discomfort is when we grow. Tony loves to help his riders find a new level of strength each week so that they can bring that same strength outside of the Saddle Room to lead their best possible lives.