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I’ve Got Grit – Meet Steph!

We are shining the spotlight on some of our GritCycle clients who get GRITTY on the regular. Get ready to be inspired and motivated to ramp up your GritCycle routine by these superstars.

Meet Steph, a Huntington Beach rider who recently found her love for GritCycle.


 How long have you been riding at GritCycle? 

I’ve been riding at Grit since October 8th (first day Kamren started teaching)


 How do you feel after a GritCycle class?

I feel like I have so much energy after my Grit classes. It’s such an adrenalin rush and I’ve never felt so good! It’s really like a party on wheels and I feel like I’ve found a passion for riding because of Grit.

 How has riding at GritCycle affected other parts of your life? 

I’ve been so consistent with my cycling journey and even though it’s only been 5 months. Here’s my before & after. I’ve already lost inches from my waist and feel like some abs are coming in! 😅
When I’m traveling or away I honestly can’t wait to come back come and come back to Grit. It’s made me become a better and  stronger parent. It gives me the energy to be in a multiple role I have to play in my life as full time working- single mother! 


What’s your fave move on the bike?

My fav move on the bike is push tap hold hold tap!


Favorite song to hear in the Saddle Room?

Mother Daughter by Miley Cyrus! When the song comes on I know my instructor means business and is going to push us hard.