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Take A Walk on the Green Side…

The 2019 New Year’s Resolutions are in full force; we’re loving all of the new and familiar faces we’re seeing in the Saddle Room. This renewed dedication to your health and fitness is inspiring to all of us at GritCycle. Our staff’s commitment to health doesn’t just end after the final sprint; we are often striving to improve areas of our life that fall short in terms of wellness. Oftentimes this area is our diet; poor nutrition negates most of the work done in the Saddle Room unfortunately, exercise is only one component to a healthy life.

One of the best, quickest, and simplest ways to get a diet back on track is to incorporate more green food {ie vegetables and some fruits} into what we eat.

From kale to kiwi, green vegetables and fruits are chockfull of vitamins and minerals. These nutrient-dense foods give you the biggest bang for your buck as far as nutritional value. Salad greens, kale, and spinach are rich in Vitamins A, C, E, and K. The B-vitamins are found in broccoli, bok choy, and mustard greens. All of these vegetables are high in anti-oxidants, fiber, iron, magnesium, calcium, are calorically low, and virtually non-fat.

Here are a few ways our GritCycle staff adds some greenery into their diet:

I throw it in my smoothies!… and {or} grab a green{ie} juice from Nekter.Reina

My pain point for fitting in my greens is the prep of them! To lessen this friction, I spend 20 minutes on Sunday cutting up asparagus, broccoli, snow peas, and peppers {technically, not a green but a vegetable none the less} and packing them up for use later in the week.Cassie

I throw all my veggies into a blender with my protein and drink it as fast as possible every morning! 🔥Andrew

 I make a shake pretty much every morning that starts with kale and spinach. I throw in cucumber, carrots, beets, a little-frozen fruit (usually blueberries & pineapple), ginger and turmeric. Then I add the Green Superfood watermelon flavored powder by Amazing Grass. It’s got a full serving of veggies and is their ‘energy’ booster.-Kelsey

Smoothies and shakes! I also always keep salad & veggies already prepped in the fridge which makes tossing a salad together for a snack so much easier!Brittany

I prep all of my veggies twice a week and throw them in pretty much everything I eat from smoothies, juices, eggs and I always make a good spicy hummus and experiment with different salad dressing recipes to encourage veggie snacks! 🌱-Christy 

My favorite way to throw extra greens into my diet is in a smoothie! spinach and kale are my favs! The other great thing is that Harper loves my smoothies! Mom trick for the win!!!Danielle 

Powder greens! You can buy them at mothers or any supplement store. They are jam-packed with nutrients and I can chug them in a quick second. I add a scoop of protein powder in with them to eliminate some of that grass taste 😛🤢Tony

I’m a BIG fan of roasting veggies! Zucchini, squash, Brussel sprouts, lots of spices and a yummy oil. Super easy to meal prep and taste way better than raw veggies!-Katie Frome

 I love making soups or veggie chili in the slow cooker! I can throw it in early and it’s warm and ready for dinner! Chandler 

Avocados off of my tree! And Kale salad is a regular occurrence at my house. I also bake it into chips. 
Brussel sprouts are my favorite roasted veggie, followed by broccoli. 
I love to pop into “organic tree” {local juice shop} for a mason jar of juice. 
Lastly, I add kale, spinach & avocado into smoothies. –Shannon

Cucumbers & avocados. I LOVE simply eating them with a light dressing or just salt & pepper. It’s my go-to midday snack. –Charmaine

This is my favorite thing that is green 👆🏻.-Steph

Prep them for the week! Or Green drinks from Mother’s or Nekter💚-Nicci

As you can see, our GritCycle staff takes their “green vegetables” very seriously. We eat our Greens like it is a job. How do you Gritties get your Greens in?