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Stay Fit at Home with Kelly Curtis!

As we’re spending less time outside our homes, it’s more important than ever to prioritize physical health. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, exercise can help reduce stress and anxiety as well as boost immunity. In a new episode of #QuaranTipsWithGrit, we chatted with fitness professional Kelly Curtis on how important it is to keep your body moving during these times. Here’s her top five tips to staying fit at home:


  • Stick to a routine/schedule. It is very easy to forget about any sort of routine/schedule during times like this. One schedule you can commit to though is your fitness schedule. Write down a fitness schedule for yourself. Do this and make it a point to cross it off each day. This will help you to stay committed to your health, and seeing it crossed off each day will bring a feeling of accomplishment. Try and stay true to the same sort of schedule you had when regular life was still in session. Example: if you usually worked out in the morning, try and stick with a morning routine.


  • Plan your fitness. Pick out about 3-5 different work-outs for the week, and repeat these for 4 weeks. Organization in your routine will help you to stay with it. If its a free fall each day, its a lot easier to fall off.


  • Fitness choices. It’s almost impossible to ditch out on your health and fitness with all of the online resources that are available to us right now. Health and fitness coaches are really stepping up and providing a ton of content to help us out during this time. Pick a few that you like and continue to follow them.


  • Body weight exercise. Just because you don’t have gym equipment at home doesn’t mean you get to sit on your couch all day. It is possible to stay fit with body weight exercise. But if you prefer to work out with equipment and don’t have much at home, here are some substitutes that you can find around your house and in your refrigerator or cupboards:
    Instead of dumbbells: laundry detergent, wine bottles, can goods, jug of water (a gallon is 8 pounds).
    Instead of a bench:
    Your bed, the edge of your couch, an ottoman
    Gym box
    Stairs, outside raised plantar, a park or city bench, a chair


  • Set a goal or come up with a challenge for yourself and a group of friends/colleagues. I just recently finished a running challenge with about 20 other people. Accountability is key for a lot of things in life, but especially for fitness. Knowing that other people are in this with you and that you don’t want to let them down helps so much. You might also discover a love for a different fitness genre that you had no idea you’d even like!