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You Were a Good One 2018!

You were a good one 2018. For GritCycle, 2018 was a GREAT year! We doubled in size and grew our Grit Family to an even bigger, more robust community of like-minded, wellness seekers, looking to better their health and spirits. While it’s impossible to narrow our favorite moment of 2018 to just one, specific occasion, we were able to compile a bundle of fantastic memories from our staff on what made this year so memorable. Here are a few of our favorites:

My favorite thing about 2018 at GritCycle, was everyone taking me in with open arms. The whole grit team from the front desk to senior instructors Having my back.  I made so many new friends and it means a lot. Beyond that, my favorite thing is working with kids with developmental disorders. I feel like I get to contribute to the world. Routing for the underdogs and making these kids smile and laugh is epic.  I count my blessings every day and  Life is $%&ing good.Kris

I met Robert in the Saddle Room at Gritcycle. That’s Definitely my best of 2018. –Shannon

The best memory of 2018 is getting accepted into grad school at USC for a Master of Social Work. It has been a goal of mine for years, and to see all the hard work finally pay off was the best feeling ever!“-Tony

I have three: First, through hiking the trans-Catalina Trail. Second, when I became a GritCycle Instructor, and third was camping and hiking at the Grand Canyon. –Ritter

One of the main moments that stood out to me in 2018 was getting to speak in front of a group of strangers about the hardships I’ve been through this past year and how I used those situations to better myself. Getting to tell my story in hopes that it would inspire someone to make a positive change in there life was something I’ll never forget.Sammy

My mom called me and said that Grit was holding auditions and to get my booty in there… she forwarded the Instagram post to me and I reluctantly showed up…I knew how amazing the instructors were at Grit and I had only been teaching for a few months but I made it! This picture is after my very first class I taught at Grit and my mom was there in the front row cheering me on. My full circle, moment of 2018.-Amanda F.

My personal best of this year is winning the 2018 State of SoCal and Nevada Time Trial! Not only was I the fastest female in my category and age group, but I completely surprised myself and came in second overall underneath a 25-year-old pro cyclist!! 
It’s a very respected race in the cycling world and I was thrilled with the payoff of all that painful hard work!! 
Below is a pic of me in my skin suit and time-trial bike and a picture of me in my 2018 championship SCNCA jersey! -Christy

Teaching to a room full of beautiful humans on Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve!  One of my favorite times to teach is during holidays!  Getting to have a room full of friends and some of their family and friends home for the holidays riding too!  Grit is part of my family and I love getting to spend 45 minutes sweating and loving on all of you!  Especially during the holidaysNicci

“My top moments this year were definitely running my first marathon and becoming a Grit instructor! I had a great 2018!”-Kerry

“My best of 2018 was just the entire month of October 🙂 I started teaching at both Anaheim Hills and Costa Mesa, I got a promotion at work, and got married to my best friend!! Definitely the highlight of my year. Can’t wait to see what 2019 has in store!”Kelsey

2018 was a HEWGE year for me at GritCycle.  I have two highlights.  #1 Leading the class with Chase and Corey in Monarch Beach.  #OnceInALifetime #YesIAcceptThisRose

#2 Playing in the Pham Band at the Gritty Up.  I loved my pink tambourine.Cassie 

there are far too many “best of” moments to choose just one. but the ones that top the list this year relate to my induction into the gritcycle phamily: receiving the email that i made it through the audition {say what?!! yesss!}, teaching my first class in monarch beach {holys$&+, i just did that!}, teaching the very first class in anaheim hills {the energy was insane!}, teaching at the grand opening party in long beach with two of my faves, Nicole & Kelly {the trifecta, as E. Steinhauser puts it}, meeting and connecting with so many amazing people every day- bearing witness to their dedication & commitment to a better version of themselves, recognizing their willingness to push it further than the week {or class} prior, seeing their progression on & off of the bike;  i think that my best of 2018 moments are my rider’s “ah ha” moments; and it is why i stay ready to take on each and every class- they’ve allowed me to go on this journey with them and it has been an honor and a privilege. 2019, we’re coming for ya!”-Reina

Hands down the best part of 2018 for me was getting my Samson, and being introduced to Bunny’s Buddies. It was a very hard year, made harder when we lost Rosebud. Having Samson here has put a smile on my face, and given me something to take care of. He loves us and makes me smile and feel loved. –Kat

When the Wirtas donated their Gritty-Up trip 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼”-Marisa

I’m grateful for everything this past year. Where do I begin!
Let’s start with I’m alive and stronger than ever. I can’t believe 1 year ago I was having brain surgery to remove a tumor. I was in a bed a year ago recovering from surgery and waiting for my results from my doctor. I was determined to get back to my active life. I set a goal for myself. I wanted to get back to Grit so bad. I got up every day and did yoga and would cry knowing how weak I was. The love of my friends, family & grit fam is why I pushed myself to get up and not give up. The prayers and vibes sent to me from all of you are what got me to this place today. Stronger and Happier than ever.  I asked my doctor every time I saw him or talked to him when can I go teach my class?? He would giggle and say well maybe after we remove the staples from your head and you rest for a few days. LOL  
The Ride Grit Cycle did for me on December 23rd, 2018 was one of the greatest days of my life. It was so overwhelming to see my grit community friends and family all in the saddle room riding for and with me. I cried every day for weeks after just thinking about the love and support I had in this room. You all dropped your kitty for me! BLESSED AND HONORED –
My Best Friends who have been my biggest healers and supporters during my very emotional year that love me as much as I love them.
My mom every year I’m the most grateful for. If you know Judi you know even more than I do. She is Cooler than me and I get all my moves from her. We laugh till we pee.  
Thanksgiving in Maui was The Best! Spent with my Best Friends!
My favorite trip was with Matt & Marisa at the Roth Conference for Challenged Athletes Foundation in Deer Valley. It was the Anniversary of my surgery and I was teaching in High Altitude and Crushing the slopes! THANK YOU!Kelli

We at GritCycle would like to acknowledge our fantastic community who allows such fantastic years to emerge! Without your support, your courage, your dedication and your willingness to give and show up for yourselves and others, GritCycle couldn’t be the special space that it is; for that, we are ever grateful. Wishing you and your loved ones a very Happy New Year.