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Who’s Ready for GritCycle Instructor Auditions?

Do you find joy in leading a pack of awesome riders motivating them to dig deep, sweat, dance, and push them beyond their limits? Are you a natural-born leader?    Then you’re exactly who we’re looking for.     GRITCYCLE AUDITION ORIENTATION GritCycle will be hosting an audition orientation on Monday, January 15th from 12:00-2:00 […]

GritCycle Featured Rider Kristy Griggs

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, GritCycle partnered with one of our incredible riders, Kristy Griggs, who recently started a non-profit called Training Through Treatment in tandem with her own personal journey battling breast cancer. Training Through Treatment believes exercise is crucial to recovery and often a missing component to surviving the uphill battle. […]

Four GritCycle Essentials You’ll Need for Class!

If you’re going to your first GritCycle class, or even if you’re a seasoned rider, plan to arrive 15 minutes early to get situated. Our team will happily show you around and set you up as needed. We’ve rounded up four key essentials you’ll definitely need before or after class. Don’t worry, we provide these […]

What Does Pride Mean to You?

Since we are all unique individuals, Pride can mean something different to each of us. To continue celebrating Pride Month, we asked our team to share a few words describing what Pride means to them. Buckle up for these heartfelt responses.   For me, Pride is a reminder that there is no capacity, limitation, or […]

Who’s Ready to Rock the Grit Podium?

Are you in love with GritCycle and a natural born leader? Do you find joy in leading a pack of awesome riders motivating them to dig deep, sweat (a lot), dance, and push them beyond their limits? Then you’re the rockstar we’re looking for.  Auditions are happening in the beginning of June, and all remaining […]

GritCycle Bike Set Up

Before you clip in, we want to make sure you’re prepared, comfortable and completely safe the moment you step foot into the Saddle Room. In the video below, you will find tips and a general breakdown of our bikes that we use at GritCycle. See all parts below: Flywheel Handlebars Resistance Knob Saddle Pedals Seat […]

Benefits of Taking a Cycling Class in the Blue Room

If the thought of being around a bunch of amazing people who make you feel at home isn’t enough to convince you GritCycle is the place to be, then just you wait. We are giving away our secret sauce and sharing additional Grit benefits to really prove our point.   Find Motivation & Inspiration in […]

Choreography 101: Tap Backs

Charmaine Community Ride

Tap backs are one of GritCycle’s most common and asked-about drills. Although the movement may look simple, it requires a great amount of body control and awareness. The first step before starting the choreographed tap backs is to find control of the beat with your legs. Being on beat is the catalyst of your riding […]