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Welcome to GritCycle

Gearing up for your first class in the Saddle Room? Here is everything you should know before coming to the studio!


Before Class

• Be sure to eat a light snack and hydrate before class.
• Show up 15 minutes early to get checked in.
• You’ll need to bring your own indoor cycling shoes. We do not have rentals or pedal baskets at this time.
• Lockers are available to rent! Check in with the front desk for details.
• The instructor will go through proper bike fit. One of our staff members can help you set up too.
• Meet your instructor! Let them know if you have any injuries and they’ll give you some pointers on how to make the most of your ride.
• Click here to learn the importance of resistance.
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During Class

• Each class is 45-minutes long.
• We ride to the beat of the music and your instructor will call out various full-body drills to perform. Don’t worry - they’ll demonstrate everything beforehand!
• Be sure to keep resistance on that wheel. It helps prevent injuries and keeps your joints and muscles safe while on the bike!
• Have fun! The Saddle Room is a judgment-free zone so do what’s best for YOU.
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After Class

• Plan on sticking around for the instructor-led stretch.
• Do a little shopping! We carry tons of your favorite brands.
• Stop by the front desk and let us know about your experience. They’ll also have information on promotions, upcoming events, and can help you book your next ride.

Ready to give it a try? Create an account and we’ll see you in the Saddle Room!