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Danielle was born and raised in Boston, but California stole her heart and she never looked back. She started her career path as a high school English teacher and absolutely adores working with teenagers, but when she realized her side hobby could be the main event, she turned wholeheartedly towards fitness. She is a yoga instructor, group fitness trainer and personal trainer, and LOVES to dance (despite a severe lack of any formal dance training). She believes the bike is the best place to learn to move, to get messy and wild and free, and to take up the space you deserve. Danielle has learned to use movement to trudge her way through challenges, to empower herself, and to recognize her ability to do hard things. She wants you to feel this way too, so you will leave her class KNOWING what you’re truly capable of accomplishing when you set your soul on fire and let it run free. Her favorite move? The Dip. And she’s not afraid of long choreography sets and insanely powerful climbs. You will leave her class feeling like you just spent 3 days dancing your @$$ off at a music festival and earned a new lease on life.


She spends her time outside the studio running outdoor bootcamps and yoga sculpt classes in various parks. Danielle loves to cook (salmon), read 3-5 books at a time, and swim in the ocean when she gets overwhelmed. Her mother taught her the importance of traveling the world, and her favorite places on the map so far are Africa, the Galapagos, and Laos. When she’s not planning a ridiculously invigorating playlist for you, she’s singing along to any given Taylor Swift album in her car on her way to Trader Joe’s to buy snacks.


Her favorite mantra to keep you moving forward? “You are a match for your mountain.”